6 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Fresh Indoor Air

People generally spend a great deal of each day indoors, particularly during winter, so the quality of indoor air is important. There are many practical ways to improve the cleanliness of air inside, making your home safer and more energy efficient.

Use an Air Purifier

There are many different types of air purifiers on the market. They are used to remove unpleasant odors, trap dust and air-borne allergens, and help prevent allergies.

Portable purifiers are used in a smaller area or room. These machines purify the air where they are positioned. They work well for people who suffer from allergies by providing localized support.

Choose the Right Air Filter for Your Home’s System

Choosing the right type and size of filter for your HVAC system is important. Horne Heating and Air Conditioning can explain how the filter rating system works and how best to choose the air filter for your home. A clean filter protects your HVAC and allows a free flow of air to circulate throughout the home. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced periodically, on a regular schedule. It’s a good idea to have a professional service your heating and cooling system.

Invest in Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

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Not only do plants add a little color and life to an indoor space, but they help to clean the air as well. Do a little research to find the plants that will thrive in your home, depending on the amount of light available. Plants are also said to reduce stress levels and boost your mood.

Keep Your Floor Clean

Most floor surfaces collect dirt, dust, and other allergens. This is especially true with rugs. If left, the pollutants will affect the indoor air quality. Mop the floor and vacuum mats on a regular basis to eradicate the pollutants. All sorts of particles adhere to the bottoms of your shoes. Make it a habit to remove shoes before walking indoors. Place a shoe tray at the entrance to your home.

No Smoking Zone

The interior of your home should be a no smoking zone. Apart from the unpleasant odor, second-hand smoke can cause asthma and other health risks. The smoke not only pollutes the air, but also clings to furniture, bedding, and fabric. Those who need to smoke can take smoke breaks outside, leaving the interior of your home with fresh, clean air.

Fragrance-Free Products

Try using fragrance-free products in your home as many people are allergic to the synthetic fragrances found in laundry and cleaning products. There are many natural alternatives, such as lemon and baking soda, that do the job just as well and leave your air pure.

Aerosols are another culprit of lowering the quality of air indoors. The aerosol sprays release harmful chemicals into the air. Look for non-aerosol versions of deodorants and air fresheners.

Create a clean, safe place in your home by applying these lifestyle habits. Make your home a haven where you can live in good health due to the improved indoor air quality. Continue to monitor the quality of air indoors and don’t hesitate to call in an HVAC technician when needed.

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