7 Awesome Benefits of Building with Stones


“Everything old is new again,” Author Stephen King once wrote. It’s also a familiar trend in home design. Timelessness has always held a special appeal to homeowners and designers alike.

Nothing may be more timeless than stone. Without stone, there wouldn’t be granite countertops, fountains, pounds, and rustic stone facades. Stone architecture works with nearly every style, whether it’s a modern contemporary loft, log cabin, farmhouse, or a Spanish-style home.

Aesthetics and versatility are just two bonuses to consider. Building with stones is a simpler design alternative for DIY homeowners, as well. Within a day, you could pile up the rock to make a fence or create quick home decor from a piece of granite.

These ideas are only the beginning. Discover more possibilities of stone architecture and decor.

1. A Low-Maintenance Life

Is your motto “work smart, not hard?” Do you cringe at the thought of maintaining wood furniture? Do you prefer speed cleaning over spring cleaning marathons?

You’re definitely suited for the low-maintenance life of stone architecture. One of the best advantages of building with stone is that it’s so easy to maintain. The hardest part is probably getting it into the house.

You can build all sorts of things out of stone: coffee tables, kitchen tabletops, desks, nightstands, cutting boards, and easy-to-clean countertops. If you have building experience, you could try waterjet technology to create more complex shapes out of stone.

Stone architecture and decor is much easier to clean than wood and glass. All you need is a towel and some all-purpose cleaner, and you’re good to go. No streaks!

2. New Possibilities for Your Garden

Stone build materials really shine in the garden. It’s ideal for all types of landscaping, whether it’s a hotel or a house.

It’s also a low-maintenance alternative to backyard landscaping. You could avoid a time-consuming lawn altogether by installing a stone porch and courtyard. A rock garden is another excellent low-maintenance idea.

There are several ways to approach rock gardens, too.

You could create a tranquil stone garden influenced by Japanese landscaping. Large rock boulders also work well with rustic and wild landscaping. Have the kids create garden mosaics with their favorite rocks.

3. Give Your Pool a Makeover

Is your pool not getting a lot of love. Stone build materials can breathe new life into your pool design, so you can actually enjoy your pool again.

You’ve seen those beautiful stone pools in Architectural digest and Houzz. These pools look particularly gorgeous when they’re illuminated at night. The lighted rocks contrast well against the glowing turquoise water.

When designing your dream pool, remember the following stone types. These are the best stones for pools.

  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Coral stone

Marble is another popular choice for stone pools, and sandstone is ideal for southwestern-style pools in the desert. You could also build a waterfall or Jacuzzi out of stone.

4. Durable and Long-lasting

Another undeniable advantage of building with stone is the sheer longevity of this material. It doesn’t get more durable than good ole’ fashioned stone. That’s one reason why stone and brick homes are better apt at withstanding harsh weather.

Pueblo Revival homes also leverage stone architecture. Stone homes are less susceptible to termite infestations, and homeowners spend less money on replacing building materials.

Stone houses are also better at trapping heat during winter, which stops bills from skyrocketing in the colder months. Likewise, during summer, stone architecture keeps homeowners cool during the dog days of summer. Stone houses are ideal for any area with extreme weather, whether it’s extreme heat, like the desert, or extreme cold, like the mountains.

5. A Rainbow of Colors

Forget the typical gray rocks you find every day. Stone building materials come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and natural designs.

Marble is a perfect example of a stone’s natural aesthetic. It’s signature marbleized look comes in vibrant combinations of pinks, creams, blues, lavender, soft gray, chocolate brown, and even dark green.

Another example is granite. Granite comes in bold, rich colors like deep green, maroon, white, blue, black, and aquamarine.

Quartz is a popular building material, especially for interior decor. This stone also comes in several colors, including rose, gold, black, and classic white quartz.

To leverage the colors of mother nature, consider customizing your countertops with combinations of granite, marble, and quartz. This will leave quite an impression.

6. Create the Perfect Patio For Two

You have the space for a patio. You just didn’t have the time to build one, or so you thought.

You can quickly create an impressive little patio with just stones alone. Clear out space near your house, and place down flat stones for your patio floor. Pile up stackable stones around the clearing to enclose the area.

Voila! You have a mini patio for two.

7. The Eco-Friendly Choice

Have you been looking for a way to finally go green? The best way to start is with your own home. Building with stone is an excellent first step.

Stone is actually more eco-friendly than concrete. It can also be reused for other home improvement projects, like DIY coffee tables and flooring.

If you want a completely eco-friendly house, use other building materials along with stone, like recycled cork, reused glass, reclaimed wood, and mushrooms.

Stone materials are more effective at temperature control, which helps you conserve more energy and cut down on indoor pollution from HVAC systems. This is great for your wallet but also the environment too.

Discover the Benefits of Building with Stones

Is your high-maintenance house chipping away at your sanity? Do you want to give your home a makeover without going over your budget? Now is the time to consider a natural stone look for your home.

Building with stones is a cost-effective solution that’s eco-friendly, creative, and easy to maintenance. Use these tips and benefits to brainstorm ideas for your stone architecture and decor.

Brilliant architecture starts with a brilliant idea. What ideas inspire you? Keep growing your creative spirit with the latest tips and trends in the industry.

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