Go for a Luxury Villa for your Riviera Maya Getaway

Riviera Maya

Settling for a getaway in Riviera Maya means you are out for full-blast fun. Riviera Maya stretches out from the north of Cancun to the south of Tulum, and is considered a popular holiday destination for many North American travelers. Don’t be shocked, the scenic views from the white sandy beaches to the sizzling cuisines open up a rich vibe that tourists find it hard to say no to.

If you are looking to settle for the right time, then January to March is just perfect. Warm temperatures have replaced the chilly winter days, and the threat of hurricanes has slithered off before October. That means that if you miss out on the January period, October to December could also be a suitable time to plan your vacation. Connecting to Cancun through direct flights is possible from major cities like Atlanta, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Miami and more.

Enjoy the beauty of the Riviera Maya Getaway with a Villa

If you are new to Riviera Maya, then you want to stay a bit longer to savor the beauty of the destination. There are many options for vacation homes, but nothing beats it like a luxury villa. For starters, let us understand why Riviera Maya is not a passing destination.

The Bohemian Tulum is a must see

About 50 years ago, Tulum stood as a humble site with its beaches and ruins that only passed for a jungle. Today, it is a global hub for tourists with some of the big names setting foot to leave imprints of their brands. Boutiques like Coqui Coqui opened up on the beachfront, offering handmade perfumes as cosmetics. Top chefs set foot, with restaurants like Hartwood by Eric Werner adding to the exotic cuisine travelers enjoy today. Last year, Chef Rene Redzepi introduced Noma, a chic version of his Danish restaurant. Finally, after the stores and cool cafes have given you a treat, 10 minutes north stands the ruins which offer some beautiful ancient exploration to make the Tulum visit complete.

The underwater museum calls for a dive

If snorkeling and diving have been on your bucket list, there is perhaps no better place to cross that off. Thanks to the Great Mayan Reef, the reef not only offers amazing snorkeling and diving, but it also stands as one of Unesco’s World Heritage sites, starting close to Cancun and stretching all the way down along the coastline.

Enjoy Xcaret Park with the kids or swim in the cenotes

Traveling with kids means you need to keep them entertained and Xcaret Park knows how to make it happen. The eco-themed park located in Playa del Carmen is a great place to focus on the flora and fauna that is locally available, as the traditional heritage. On it sits a butterfly house as an aviary with tropical birds, flamingoes, Mexican jaguars, and manatees. The night life consists of song and dance which brings out the history of the region. But if you are not for that or perhaps diving is not your thing, exploring the natural and beautiful cenotes or underwater swimming holes could be a great way to enjoy the outdoors in Riviera Maya.

What a villa will offer you in Riviera Maya

Now you know that the thrill to expect in Riviera Maya is worth the long stay. In that case, comfort will be a big plus when choosing your vacation home. Going for a luxury villa will mean that you will be surrounded by luxurious amenities and a fine neighborhood. From just the right party destinations to the serenity that affords you a good night’s sleep. In addition, the villa allows you to enjoy great space, which means you can host your friends and family without worrying that you will be getting into each other’s spaces. Plus you get to experience the finest facilities to keep you relaxed and entertained even when you don’t feel like engaging the outdoor life of Riviera Maya.

Available options for a villa in Riviera Maya

  • Dip into Cancun

This is considered the hotspot and the biggest of the Riviera Maya. You cannot go wrong if you are a party person. There is a host of fine clubs, bars and large resorts to enjoy. The villas here offer a perfect blend of peace and quiet as well as proximity to the city.

  • Playa Del Carmen

This is another of Riviera Maya’s coastline. This is more laid back and the beaches are simply breathtaking. A sundowner cocktail along the pedestrian Quinta Avenida is a great evening pass time as you head back to your villa for a well-cooked feast by our finest chefs.

  • Beach villas in Tulum

This is another destination for a perfect beach villa. This offers you the option of waking up to the beach or simply tucking under a palm tree to enjoy your favorite reads.

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