Reckon Sydney: A Head Office of Accounting Software Company with Open, Clean and Inviting Space

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Designed by Maxam+Co, this head office of Reckon is located in Sydney, Australia. It is an accounting software company that needs a better office, responding to a client vision about a professional workplace. Reckon Sydney office is 1080 sqm in size and it needs 10 weeks for the architect to create open, clean, and inviting space in it.


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The architect creates a design approach to create an open, clean and inviting space in this office. With a pared-back material palette, this head office can provide a balance and clarity space. The concrete floors are also polished, combined with navy fabric banqueting and pale timber paneling to in contributing the entire design that can create a comfortable contemporary space.



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The elegant feeling is created in the office spaces and also in the boardroom. This boardroom has an added level of strength and purpose with the use of metallic accents, a dark stained timber table, and also tan leathers. The atmosphere in this boardroom becomes more comfortable and unique too which is different from another office.

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The meeting rooms in this head office come in different sizes. These rooms have been positioned as an open plan workplace core and can be accessed easily by all staffs. The interior design also can encourage a flexible and dynamic environment for easy collaboration among the staffs, as well as creating an available quiet space for more focused works.



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The kitchen becomes a key element for the good office environment. This room is often used as a refuge area for the staffs who want to have comfortable and relaxed breaks. The kitchen design is inspired by the café-style environment that can provide a function and flexibility for gatherings, including catered events and presentations.



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The modern and comfortable furniture can be found in the entire area of the office. Most of the office chairs come in black color with the white desk. In the meeting rooms, the large wooden meeting table is used to give a natural accent into the office space. In the kitchen, the black stools can add a more elegant look to the interior.


Reckon Sydney

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