U326 Sukhothai Residence: A Cozy Residence with Minimalist Interior and Built-in Furniture

U326 Sukhothai Residence 6

U326 Sukhothai Residence has a cozy atmosphere because of its minimalist interior design combines with loose and built-in furniture. This residential project is completed in 2012 by Monotello, located in Sathorn Bangkok Thailand. With 270 square meters of the total area, U326 Sukhothai Residence turns into the best living place to have in Thailand.


U326 Sukhothai Residence 7

U326 Sukhothai Residence 6

This residence doesn’t have a big space. That’s why Monotello tries to focus on its interior by designing it with a minimalist interior design. Some kinds of furniture are chosen carefully, especially to balance the minimalist style and provide a comfortable interior to live in.



U326 Sukhothai Residence 5

U326 Sukhothai Residence 4

The kitchen, dining area, and living room are placed in one main area. Those rooms are highlighted by the natural sunlight that comes from outside through the large glass wall. The master bedroom is located in a more private area with its warm floor and calm atmosphere.



U326 Sukhothai Residence 3

U326 Sukhothai Residence 2

Monotello chooses some kinds of loose and built-in furniture. Those kinds of furniture can support the minimalist interior maximally and also offering more free spaces, making its interior looks larger than it seems. With wooden tables, white chair, grey sofa, and fur rug, the minimalist interior feels warmer.



U326 Sukhothai Residence 1

Monotello uses a lot of wood materials to design the interior, especially for the floor and doors. They also choose wooden furniture types for the living room table, dining table, kitchen cabinet, and storage. The glass material is only used to design the windows and the large glass wall.

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