Tre (Three) Building: A New Office with Contemporary Interior and Weekday Celebration Key Concept

Tre (Three) Building 2

Tre (Three) is a mobile operator company moved to a new office in late September 2018. This office is located on Entrétorget 5 in Stockholm’s Söderstaden across from the Globe (Globen). The project of the contemporary interior in this office is done by Studio Stockholm. After several identifications of employee current and future needs, ‘Weekday Celebration’ becomes the key concept for this interior project.


Tre (Three) Building 1

Tre (Three) Building 2

With a large office area, the modern interior is made with a lot of elements like colors, strong materials, unexpected details, and awesome furniture. This interior is also characterized by Weekday Celebration concept, where all people can engage and interact with each other in young, sporty, lively, and healthy styles.



Tre (Three) Building 3

Tre (Three) Building 4

Studio Stockholm has some challenges when they start to design this new office. They need to create a positive atmosphere with the contemporary interior design, providing a good place for the employee to work. The Tre’s unique needs also not easy to be translated, especially with the company’s different departments.



Tre (Three) Building 5

Tre (Three) Building 6

The contemporary interior design is made based on the company needs. It is started from a close work between the architect and Tre’s committee. The whole design that needs to be created is not only about a comfortable new office but also about a strategy to move the company and its brand in terms of identity.



Tre (Three) Building 7

Tre (Three) Building 8

Tre (Three) Building 9

Studio Stockholm tries to present more details into this office interior, especially with the pattern. Some furniture and some walls are designed in a unique pattern. This pattern is applied in a different material, such as a patterned-marble that can be seen in the kitchen area.



Tre (Three) Building 10

Tre (Three) Building 11

With the employee characteristics, the concept interior of this office turns into an unexpected thing. Most of the employees are sporty, young, and lively. That’s why the chosen of the furniture is different from other regular offices. For example, the unique clothes hanger that looks like a cage in the entrance area.



Tre (Three) Building 12

Tre (Three) Building 13

Tre (Three) Building 14

The unique concept of the contemporary interior for this new Tre (Three) office is also designed by the use of some different lightings. Each space in this office has different and unique lighting. Every light provides a beautiful effect, especially with some different colors of the lamps.

Via studiostockholm

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