Ordu University Nursery: Modern Interior of Preschool Children Development Spaces

Ordu University Nursery 6

Located in Altirnodu, Ordu, this three-floor nursery can be found inside Ordu University The whole size of this nursery is about 2000 square meter with a modern interior design made by escapefromsofa. The design of preschool children development spaces in this nursery has been completed in 2017.


Ordu University Nursery 7

Ordu University Nursery 6

Each floor is divided and used for some activities with a different purpose. It has four nursery rooms, a dining hall, art with a crafts room, a drama room, and a multi-use activity room. There are also observations rooms for teachers and seven administrative rooms.



Ordu University Nursery 5

Ordu University Nursery 4

The interior design of this nursery is built in a colorful and fun atmosphere with a modern touch. The purpose is creating a space with an interior that can support the preschool children’s development. It also can improve the full-fill educational and creativity needs for the children.



Ordu University Nursery 3

Ordu University Nursery 2

The design approach of the interior can support this nursery o have a good space. That good space can stimulate social skills and children’s cognitive. They can be more creative with all the things that they see around them.



Ordu University Nursery 1

The colors of the interior are neutral with some graphic patterns. They are integrated well into the interior architectural elements. The uplifting atmosphere is created from the custom-made furniture special only for the children.

Via escapefromsofa

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