Ragnarock: A Modern, Golden Studded Building of Museum

Ragnarock 8

Designed by MVRDV, Ragnarock is a modern and golden studded building of an awesome museum. It is a museum of rock, pop, and youth culture in Roskilde, Denmark. This big building is designed with a rock music architectural style that can inspire the new generation of artists and musicians to be more professional and creative in art.


Ragnarock 1

Ragnarock 2

Ragnarock is not an ordinary museum. It has 3,100-meters square in large that provide a lot of facilities such as a bar, administrative facilities, and also an auditorium. The most interesting thing about this museum is its golden studded design.



Ragnarock 3

Ragnarock 4

The golden studded design this building becomes an identity for this museum. The main goal of designing Ragnarock with this kind of architecture design is about transforming the existing cement factories around the museum site into a fresh district with youth culture in rock music.



Ragnarock 5

Ragnarock 6

Ragnarock has a new structure with four legs, taking all visitors to the museum and also the auditorium above. The red carpet is used to welcoming them well, just like some best artists that walk on a red carpet for a special occasion.



Ragnarock 7

Ragnarock 8

The materials are separated clearly to design this museum. For example, the raw concrete that contrasts with the vivid red studs. MVRDV also combines some materials too, especially for the studded facade and the vivid red interior.



Ragnarock 9

Ragnarock 13

Ragnarock 10

The interior of Ragnarock is very interesting, as same as the golden color when you see it from a distance. The purpose of vivid red interior design is about taking the visitors on a journey of the best rock star with the guitar case’s soft velvet inside.



Ragnarock 11

Ragnarock 12

The main goal, especially the social intentions that come from Ragnarock is creating some new possibilities for musical creativity in the site area. This museum can provide a good environment with a connection between the performance, leisure, and also education.

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