Water Villas: 8 Big Private Villas with An Opportunity to Live on the Water

Water Villas 5

Water Villas is a residential project of MVRDV. It is their third and last project of a housing. The site is located in Ypenburg, the Hague, the Netherlands. This awesome project is about designing 8 big private villas with the 240-meter square area for each of them. The design of Water Villas is full of history in many cultures and also offering an opportunity to live on the water directly.


Water Villas 7

Water Villas 6

The design of Water Villas comes in a longhouse with a housing typology. This typology is also built with a history in some cultures. The facade is long and designed in a large form, providing floor-to-ceiling windows for awesome views.



Water Villas 5

Water Villas 4

The windows are located on the end of the facades and also 12 windows on the roof, giving a good access for the light to come to the villa interior in the daytime. With the water view around the site, these villas offer a spectacular living place on the water and also a high-quality life.



Water Villas 3

Water Villas 2

Water Villas 1

All 8 villas are constructed with wood, except the windows frames on it. The buildings are also made from extruded grey aluminum on some parts, creating a contrast effect with the facade. The large wooden terrace can wrap each building nicely, it makes the villa looks larger than it seems.

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