Intern Schulungszentrum Foyer: Modern Communicative Space of Training Rooms and Foyer

Intern Schulungszentrum Foyern 1

SCOPE is the main architect for this modern, welcoming, and communicative space in the International Training Center or ISZ area. The main goal is about redesigning the foyer, training rooms, and also the restaurant area to provide the best facilities for the visitors and the training participants in the ISZ.


Intern Schulungszentrum Foyern 1

The redesign process is done to the administration area, training rooms, and also the reception hall. The temporary exhibition is housed in the training center in the foyer, offering additional communication space to the visitors on the floors.



Intern Schulungszentrum Foyern 2

The new main entrance is designed for attracting the visitors to enter the building. The reception area is also designed representatively and spaciously, it is defined in a simple design from the outside to the inside of the building canopy.



Intern Schulungszentrum Foyern 3

The reception room consists of communication and lounge areas in the two-storey foyer. The communication platform is designed centrally with the information system too, developed by Ars Elektronica.



Intern Schulungszentrum Foyern 4

The transparent room becomes the main concept for Intern Schulungszentrum Foyer. The training rooms are very easy to be accessed from the foyer. These rooms allow the student to see, viewed, and also support the desire of the client for a modern communicative space.



Intern Schulungszentrum Foyern 5

The exhibition places are located on the upper floor, the gallery level of the building. These places offer some presentation options which are created by the room-covering elements and integrating wall. It maintains the visual focus and creates a good zoning for the room in the foyer.

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