What Renovations Will Increase House Value the Most 

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Home renovation is a way of improving or upgrading the facilities in your home. It has a way of increasing the enjoyment and happiness when we bask in the beauty of the freshly remodelled or upgraded home. All renovations are not equal in terms of value. Some upgrades can increase the home value more than others. This may present a problem for homeowners because of the expensive nature of these renovations.

For instance, some high-value home renovation — updated bathroom, composite cladding or deck addition — can fetch very high investment returns without causing many expenses. This is in direct contrast to expensive but low-resale value projects such as sunroom addition, building a new garage or roof replacement. While home renovations are generally essential, most of them will not affect your house value.

According to housing experts, over 300 billion dollars is spent annually on home renovations and upgrades in the United States. This shows that homeowners are always seeking ways to make their home more conducive, serene and pleasant to inhabit, which should be a big motivation to renovate your home if you do not intend to sell it in the nearest future.

Here are three of the best renovations that will boost your house resale value:

Improve the curb appeal

One of the best renovations which can dramatically improve the resale value of your home is to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Humans are driven by visual impression; attractive things. If your home has a beautiful exterior appearance, it will easily attract and win the hearts of prospective buyers before they step foot into your house.

How about taking an extra step to not only boost your curb appeal and reinvent the beauty of your house but improve your house durability and security? This is the essence of wall cladding. It adds stylishness to the wall of your house while safeguarding your home from weather conditions.

Wall cladding will not only increase your house value but bolster its durability and resilience. This is why we recommend composite cladding as it is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient alternative of wood, with higher durability. Composite cladding is resistant to moisture, rotting and termite attacks, coupled with the fact that it is also low maintenance.


It is an excellent way of boosting your home’s resale value.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodelling and renovations are among the most favourite and frequently-done home improvement projects. Real estate analysts predict that if bathroom remodelling is tastefully done, you can recoup more than 70% of your investment. Your bathroom is prone to the impact of wear and tear, and it deteriorates at a faster pace because of the presence of moisture.

A little known fact is that real estate agents inspect the bathroom condition first when carrying out the home valuation. A bathroom in a poor state will significantly lower the value of the house. Hence, remodelling your bathroom is an excellent way of boosting your house value, especially when you are ready to sell it.

So here are few tips to help you remodel your bathroom in a functional and stylish way:

  • Firstly, you will have to replace the flooring, tiles and walls if they are outmoded or old. Ensure you pick a tile that is easy to clean and has extra grouting to prevent slip and fall. We recommend you use porcelain tiles because they are stylish and have ornamental value.
  • In a situation where your bathroom fixtures and fitting is non-functional and old, you will need urgent replacement. It is one way to boost your bathroom’s functionality and ROI. Start with your sink, especially when you notice cracks or colour hues on them. It would help if you also replaced the showerhead, faucet and bathroom light fixture when they are old.
  • One way of solving the problem of trapped humidity in the bathroom (which speeds up its deterioration) is by adding a window in your bathroom. This will improve lightening and aesthetics in the bathroom, as well as provide ventilation, which helps in keeping the bathroom clean.

Kitchen upgrade/remodel

Kitchen is the livewire of any residence. It is not only restricted to food preparation and dining. Family and loved ones gather in the kitchen area to discuss; some kids find the kitchen comfortable to do their homework, a lot of chit chat occurs in the kitchen. So, the kitchen is one of the most important places to renovate.

The kitchen also increases the value of homes. It is one of the make or mar factors when it comes to the sale of residential property. A kitchen upgrade is guaranteed to provide huge returns, in addition to making daily family life joyful and satisfying.

Here are a few tips that will help in your kitchen upgrade:

  • Replace your kitchen countertop, especially when it is old.
  • Choose energy-efficient appliances to give your kitchen a modern look.
  • Install a wooden cabinet (during replacements).

Repaint your kitchen to a neutral colour.

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