Johnstone Town Hall: A Brand New Big Hall with Conferencing Facilities

Johnstone Town Hall 3

Johnstone Town Hall is located in the Johnstone town center. It is a brand new big hall with the conferencing facilities. This hall is designed with a range of spaces to provide a perfect place for every need, from small to large conferences. From Johnstone Train Station, it just takes a 10-minute walk to go to this big hall and 15 minutes from Glasgow Central Station with the regular rail service.

Award-Winning Venue

Johnstone Town Hall 1

Johnstone Town Hall 3

Johnstone Town Hall is an award-winning avenue because of its design and facilities. The hall looks awesome with the large and high glass wall. It shows the beautiful interior inside for the pedestrians passing by.



Johnstone Town Hall 2

Johnstone Town Hall is designed with a modern design. The ceiling is high and decorated with some roof windows. These windows can give a natural light in the morning and evening by allowing the sunlight comes through to the hall. The wall design is the combination of marbles and white wall.



Johnstone Town Hall 4

Johnstone Town Hall 5

There are three rooms inside Johnstone Town Hall. The first room is the Main Hall 1/2 with 300 capacity. The next room is Room 1/2 with 90 capacity and the last is Room 3/4/5 with 80 capacity. The different capacity can be chosen based on the meeting and conference needs.



Johnstone Town Hall 6

Besides meeting and conferences need, Johnstone Town Hall also can be used for some events. This hall also offers in-house catering services for your wedding and a theater with awesome red seats for your art performance like musical dance or an orchestra.

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