Fuzhou Vanke City: A Large Central Open Space with Rising and Falling Bridges

Fuzhou Vanke City 7

Fuzhou Vanke City is a large central open space with an awesome design of rising and falling bridges. This Yongtai project is located near the Dazhang River, inside the Red Cliff Scenic Area. Fuzhou Vanke City consists of a 45-hectare watershed area and it is surrounded by small hills. This open space becomes a unifying public space network for the residential clusters.


Fuzhou Vanke City 1

Fuzhou Vanke City 2

This large public space offers a lot of features for the residence. Besides the amazing bridges along the Dazhang River, it also has townhouses, detached homes, a shopping street, residential high-rises, and clubhouses.



Fuzhou Vanke City 3

Fuzhou Vanke City 4

The whole project plan of Fuzhou Vanke City calls for the housing clusters. The clusters follow the natural site of the river topography. With this project plan, it will create a balance of nature around the river and also the residential.



Fuzhou Vanke City 5

Fuzhou Vanke City 6

The lake is leveraged and preserved as a public open space. It can unite the entire site around the river. SWA as the architect also designs sub-watersheds to be the neighborhood parks. It will create a good connection to the central lake area.



Fuzhou Vanke City 7

Fuzhou Vanke City 8

The ridges and the hilltops are used to be neighborhood parks. It is designed with an extensive trail network. The purpose is about forming a large recreational system for the people who want to enjoy the site area with their family.

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