CO Kindergarten and Nursery: A Modern Cafe with Child-Care Support

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CO Kindergarten and Nursery is an open modern cafe with child-care support. This cafe is located in “Small Kyoto in Aki”, a name of a traditional area in Kyoto, Japan. CO Kindergarten and Nursery is opened for child-care support, especially for the local communities. This cafe will not only fun for the kids but also fun for the parents too.

Child Care

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Just like its name, CO Kindergarten and Nursery offers an interesting place to help the local parents take care of their children. This place is not only giving the best place for caring the kids but also a cafeteria too for the parents.



CO Kindergarten And Nursery 3

The cafeteria is located right in front of the CO Kindergarten and Nursery building. It is an outdoor cafeteria with minimalist wooden furniture. Both parents and their kids can enjoy their free time in this cafeteria with beautiful views.


Entrance Hall

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The entrance hall is already perfect for the kids, The wooden wall is designed for the kids to play to climb it. The white rack is used to put the kid’s shoes. This hall is also decorated with unique ceiling design and warm floor with wood materials.



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The terrace is located near the pool, that’s why there is a shower on the wall. The ceiling of this terrace has a colorful design which is fun for the kids. The clear glass wall offers a nice view around the building and also warm sunlight to come into the room.

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