Greystar Millharbour: A Modern Rental Development with Amenity Spaces

Greystar Millharbour 2

Greystar is the US rent specialist appointed Dexter Moren Associates as the main designer to this modern rental development called Greystar Millharbour. The site location is near Canary Wharf, London complete with the amenity spaces in it. The main purpose of this project is about enhancing placemaking and also the community cohesion among the rent tenants.

Amenity Spaces

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Greystar Millharbour is built with the modern amenity spaces and also other facilities. This building has more than 400 apartments and 12 amenity spaces. Those spaces include a business lounge and residents’ lobby, sports room, club room and gym with the kitchen too.



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The inspiration for the interior scheme comes from the Docklands location. The important role of Greystar Millharbour is about creating a new history in London’s trade, especially for a rented space. It also creates cultures, crafts, and also a melting pot of goods.



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Greystar Millharbour is built based on three important criteria from the private rental tenant’s survey by YouGov. One of three important criteria is the identification of proximity to friends and family with the widest potential to add the best value.



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Besides the amenity spaces, Greystar Millharbour offers some best services like superfast broadband and free wifi, regular and reliable maintenance, and 24-hour concierge. This building will also help to justify the differential of any cost with units offers by the private buy-to-let investors.



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Greystar Millharbour also has a value or art inside its interior design. The designer wants to show the beauty of this modern building through an art too on some walls in the building. With the best art and interior design, Greystar Millharbour can be a successful communal space ever.

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