Toneelschuur Theatre: A Leading Venue for Theatre, Film, and Dance

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Toneelschuur Theatre is located in the Haarlem’s historic city center. It is a leading venue for dance, film, and theatre. Joost Swarte is the cartoonist and also graphic designer for this awesome theatre with an experimental approach which is same with his new home. Swarte works with Mecanoo closely to develop his awesome ideas into a theatre building design.

Cartoon Illustration

Toneelschuur Theatre 1

It is a cartoon illustration of Toneelschuur Theatre that Swarte made. The cartoon shows how the ideas of the cartoonist about a theatre building that needs to be done well. Start from this cartoon image, he can start to explore more ideas and work nicely with Mecanoo.



Toneelschuur Theatre 2

Toneelschuur Theatre 4

As a leading venue, Toneelschuur Theatre surely has a cafe. This cafe is designed with the wood element on some parts, like the cafe wall and the cafe furniture. The seating area is completed with tables and chairs for all visitors.


Building Element

Toneelschuur Theatre 3

Toneelschuur Theatre is built with some building elements such as brick, glass, copper, timber, and stucco. Each of those elements has their own character and expression for the building. The theatre itself blends with the urban fabric. With the form and height variations, the architectural becomes so unique. The office areas of this theatre are housed in some different historic buildings.


Ground Floor

Toneelschuur Theatre 5

The ground floor of Toneelschuur Theatre is a place for cafe and theatres. Those two areas can be accessed directly from the spacious foyer of the building. The slanted facade of the glass makes the foyer becomes a street extension.



Toneelschuur Theatre 6

Toneelschuur Theatre 7

The theatre’s areas of Toneelschuur Theatre are designed as comfortable as possible for all visitors. The seats are designed well with some red colors and also grey colors. The theatre’s areas are located on the ground floor with an easy access.



Toneelschuur Theatre 8

Toneelschuur Theatre 9

The foyer of Toneelschuur Theatre is not only used to provide the entrance to the halls area but also to the visible theatre bar directly as you enter the building. It will be a perfect bar when you want to enjoy some drinks after you watched some performances or movies.


Theatre Building Function

Toneelschuur Theatre 10

The important considerations about Toneelschuur Theatre are the theatre building function. The architect and the designer need to consider the movement of sets and also the technical aspects. The strict regulations govern the unloading and loading of sets to limit the disturbance for the residents. That’s why the facilities inside the building are organized in a spine through the theatre building.

Via mecanoo

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