Lucayan Beach Resort: A High-Quality Resort with Island Style Architectural

Lucayan Beach Resort 9

Lucayan Beach Resort is about creating a high-quality resort with outdoor spaces and island style architectural complete with the best facilities. With the natural landscape and local flavor of the Bahamas, this beach resort becomes a perfect site to spend a holiday with family. Lucayan Beach Resort is located at Freeport with 52 acres in large.

Beach View

Lucayan Beach Resort 12

Lucayan Beach Resort 1

The best thing about Lucayan Beach Resort is the beach view. From the new deck design around the resort, you can enjoy the awesome blue view of the beach from your seat. It will be perfect to enjoy the view when summer comes.




Lucayan Beach Resort 3

Lucayan Beach Resort is full of cool facilities such as hotels, pools, new deck, restaurants, food stands, sports bars, and also other support facilities. The additional plan is also about adding some retails and new casinos in the future.


Three Hotels

Lucayan Beach Resort 4

Lucayan Beach Resort 8

Lucayan Beach Resort 5

This awesome beach resort has three different hotels from the 1950’s. Two of them are already renovated by the architect. The third hotel will be replaced and demolished with a new high-rise hotel with more than 1300 rooms.


New Pool

Lucayan Beach Resort 11

Lucayan Beach Resort 6

The new pool design is built as same as the 1950’s hotel architecture design. The pool fountain is made of a huge stone that looks like a heritage from the past and it is also decorated with some fresh flowers. This new pool is large so it can be used for many people in the resort.


Island Style Home

Lucayan Beach Resort 7

Lucayan Beach Resort 9

Island style home is the first idea of Lucayan Beach Resort. The client wants to fill up the island with some homes for departure and also check in to the hotel sites. Each hotel has its own individual activities and theme for the visitors.


Landscape Architectural Services

Lucayan Beach Resort 10

Lucayan Beach Resort got a site planning with the full landscape architectural services from SWA. These kind of services are not only about the renovation of some buildings in the island but also about creating a nice place with an awesome view as a beach resort.

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