A Bright and Airy of Energy-Neutral Houseboat in Haarlem, Netherlands

Energy Neutral Houseboat 6

This floating villa is a perfect thing for you who need a modern home in the coveted historic area. This energy-neutral houseboat is the simple answer, especially if you want to live near the Spaarne river of the Haarlem city in the Netherlands. This bright, sleek, and airy houseboat are designed by Amsterdam-based vanOmmeren-architecten with a lot of love.


Energy Neutral Houseboat 1

The stair inside this floating villa will lead you to the lower level complete with the sunshine comes through the large windows. With the white wall and dark floor, the area near the stair is truly modern and also simple.


Main Floor

Energy Neutral Houseboat 5

The main floor is a perfect floor for the main facility of this floating villa. This floor is the area of the kitchen, living room, and dining room. The kitchen is decorated with white cabinet and kitchen island. The dining area is awesome with the large wooden table and double lighting.


Glass Wall

Energy Neutral Houseboat 2

The glass wall on the main floor is also an important thing of this houseboat. With the large and clear glass wall, everyone can enjoy the view of beautiful the Spaarne river. The glass wall can be found along the wall near the stair.


Energy-Neutral Home

Energy Neutral Houseboat 3

Another best thing about this houseboat is the friendly environment design. This houseboat is an energy-neutral home with solar panels on the roof area. It generates the power to keep the houseboat running without any gas connection with the shore around the river.


Living Room

Energy Neutral Houseboat 4

The living room is surely another comfortable room of this houseboat. This room is designed with a small fireplace complete with LCD TV, a cozy sofa, and also a warm rug. From this room, you can also enjoy the view of the beautiful river. The natural light comes to the living room to make it feels warmer.


Three Years

Energy Neutral Houseboat 6

The architect needs three years to build this floating house based on the client taste. The result makes this houseboat is designed with full spaces, like two bedrooms, storage, three bathrooms and even a music room too.

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