5 Fantastic Bathroom Furniture Ideas

Barcom Terrace 8

Besides the living room and dining room, your bathroom also needs the best furniture. This room is perfect to be designed with a vanity, cabinets, or a mirror as a decoration. You can also use extra storage to keep your bathroom stuff tidy. Need more ideas? Here are some fantastic bathroom furniture ideas with awesome inspiration.


1. Days of Gold and Velvet by HAO DESIGN

Days Of Gold And Velvet 1

The bathroom in this bare shell home uses vintage furniture that matches the vintage interior of the entire space. Days of Gold and Velvet has a beautiful bathroom decorated with patterned tiles for the wall, a mirror, a beautiful vanity, and also additional storage for the towels.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


2. Willoughby House by Arent & Pyke

Willoughby House 3

This traditional Californian bungalow house into a great living place with an awesome bathroom. Willoughby House has a bathroom designed with a combination of white and wood elements. There is a vanity, a large mirror above the vanity, and two small lamps on each side of the mirror.

Photographer: Felix Forest


3. Bernal Residence by Malcolm Davis Architecture

Bernal Residence 2

The highlight of the bathroom in Bernal Residence comes from its wooden bathroom furniture. The vanity and storage are designed in the same wood material. A large mirror is also used to create a spacious feeling inside this small bathroom.

Photography: Malcolm Davis Architecture


4. Barcom Terrace by Arent & Pyke

Barcom Terrace 8

This bathroom has a beautiful contemporary interior that completed by its furniture. Barcom Terrace uses a beautiful marble vanity with additional storage below it. The large mirror is completed with two lamps that have gold accents.

Photographer: Tom Ferguson


5. Bronte Beach House by Arent & Pyke

Bronte Beach House 4

It is a beach house with a bright appearance inside its bathroom. Bronte Beach House uses yellow patterned tiles to beautify the bathroom floor. The vanity is a combination of wood and marble and completed with an elegant mirror.

Photographer: Felix Forest

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