Design Aspects to Consider in Contemporary Kitchen Renovation

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Contemporary design gives a more refreshing look to an outdated room. A contemporary kitchen renovation is a good way to rejuvenate one of the most commonly-used rooms in the house. While not everyone has the budget to do a full renovation, there are several design aspects in the kitchen that will instantly show the design changes.

Functional Design Aspects in Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is a room with a specific function, so functional design aspects must be the first focus in the renovation project. They include:

  • Storage space

Kitchen storage space usually consists of racks, shelves, and cabinets. Renovations may include changing the designs, switching the colors, or adding/removing storage space when necessary.

  • Working surface

Working surface includes cabinet countertops, working table, and (if any) kitchen island worktops. Changing the materials will instantly turn the entire visual of the kitchen.

  • Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures can be the main points in a kitchen. Changing regular LED bulbs into cool pendant lamps or chandeliers will transform the kitchen look, from boring to contemporary.

  • Faucets

Faucets may be small, but the contemporary design trend has prompted designers to create unique faucets. They come in minimalistic or futuristic designs, perfect for refreshing an outdated kitchen. There is also a rising trend of using colored metals as faucets, such as bronze and brass.

  • Backsplash

Backsplash serves as a protective layer outside the wall, to prevent the stain that comes from food preparation. However, the backsplash can also serve as a decorative element. Subtle backsplash creates an elegant look, while the colorful or unique ones make the kitchen look eye-catching.

  • Kitchen appliances

Many kitchen appliances nowadays come with unique modern appeal. There are smart appliances that create futuristic touch in the kitchen. There are also regular appliances that have unusual colors, such as brightly-colored stove and refrigerator.

Large kitchens may have more functional aspects in their designs. However, all kitchens have these basic elements, and they show the most obvious transformations when renovated.

Decorative Design Aspects in Kitchen Renovation

Decorative elements can fill the empty spaces between a kitchen’s functional aspects. They should match your personality and taste, without creating a mismatched or awkward look. Upgrading basic decorative elements can improve an old kitchen; examples include:

  • Walls

Changing the wall paint is a simple way to refresh a kitchen. 2019 sees the rise of artsy wall decal and mural as popular ways to decorate kitchen walls. There are also tile arts, mosaic, and wallpaper as alternatives to change the kitchen’s look.

  • Curtains and rugs

Fabric elements, such as curtains and rugs, can “soften” the look of a kitchen. Many designers have come up with unique designs for rugs and curtains, including the modern ones. Geometric patterns, bold colors, and recycled materials add decorative charm to the kitchen.

  • Wall decorations

Adding some decorations to the walls can improve the look of a modern kitchen. Wall decorations also add a personal touch to the overall design. Many contemporary kitchen designs turn wall arts into the main focal points, such as framed photos, paintings, or decorated plates.

Contemporary kitchen renovation doesn’t always require a total change of the room design. Changing the main functional and decorative elements in the kitchen can transform the whole look, creating a new contemporary design.


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