7 Awesome Home Decor Ideas for Small Living Room

Decorating a small living room needs some consideration, especially to not waste its space. In order to create a beautiful and comfortable small living room, you can try to use simple decoration for it such as an art wall or a vase of flowers. You can try these awesome home decor ideas for small living rooms and get more inspiration from them.



Brightwood Cabin 5

It is a remote cabin gateway situated within deep woods. Brightwood Cabin has a small modern living room that designed and decorated in a strong appearance. The main highlight of the decoration comes from the dark look of the sofa.

Photographer: Pete Eckert


2. Hotchkiss Residence by SCOTT | EDWARDS ARCHITECTURE LLP

Hotchkiss Residence 3

This award-winning residence has a Northwest contemporary vernacular on its design, including its small living room. The small living room in Hotchkiss Residence is decorated with black sofas and a beautiful warm rug.

Photographer: Peter Eckert



Music Box Residence 7

Located in a small space below the staircase, a small living room in Music Box Residence offers a modern and simple decoration. This living room has a white sofa with a wooden table and chair. The sitting area is decorated with a soft blue rug.

Photographer: Pete Eckert



Hood River Residence 2

This contemporary home has a unique living room that looks rustic. The small living room in Hood River Residence is decorated with an animal skin rug that put in the middle of the space, below the small wooden table. The different materials of this room wall and floor look contrast but perfect.

Photographer: Peter Eckert


5. Brooklyn Townhouse by Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects

Brooklyn Townhouse 4

The pretty decoration in the small living room of Brooklyn Townhouse comes from different colors of sofa pillows and also the chairs. In order to decorate the floor and create a warm feeling, a soft rug is added too.

Photographer: Ty Cole


6. Chelsea Loft by Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects

Chelsea Loft 3

Accommodating a family and their teenage children, the small living room in Chelsea Loft is designed and decorated as comfortably as possible. The green chairs look awesome with the dark blue rug and a square table. This room also can be a reading area too.

Photographer: Ty Cole


7. The Wave House by Mario Romano

The Wave House 22

This unique house has a white aluminum skin and a complex metal substructure. For its small living room, the Wave House offers an inviting room decorated with wall arts. The design of the wooden table is unique too that completed with a white sofa and rug.

Photographer: Brandon Arant

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