5 Awesome Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Bannerman House 9

For your bedroom decoration, you can start with the bed itself by choosing a beautiful pattern for the bed cover. A soft patterned rug is also perfect for decorating your bedroom floor. When you have a white bedroom wall, put some beautiful arts on it will be awesome. For more inspiration to decor your bedroom, here are some awesome bedroom decoration ideas to choose from.


1. Naremburn House by Bijl Architecture

Naremburn House 1

This awesome project is about a house without any boring square rooms, including its bedroom. The bedroom decoration idea in Naremburn House is using colors to create a decorative look. These colors come from the bed, pillows, and even a table lamp while the beautiful lighting effect comes from the two long skylights.

Photographer: Katherine Lu


2. Kaitoke Bach by Herbst Architects

Kaitoke Bach 6

This seemingly quintessential bach is designed with layered and veiled screens of timber and glass. The use of these screens also can be seen inside the bedroom. Kaitoke Bach has a simple bedroom decoration that dominated by timber, especially its wall, floor, and ceiling.

Photographer: Jackie Meiring


3. Under Pohutukawa by Herbst Architects

Under Pohutukawa 14

It is a coastal residence that has a beautiful bedroom decoration. The bedroom in Under Pohutukawa looks pretty with its pink bedcover, patterned pillows, and also the two red lamps on its side tables. The private bathroom is located right behind this bed, separated by a wooden wall.

Photographer: Patrick Reynolds


4. Barn by La Firme

Barn 4

If you want to have a natural look in your bedroom, try this one. The beautiful bedroom decoration idea in Barn uses a neutral color as the main decoration: white. This color is combined with the natural colors of the wood that comes from the bed frame, the chair at the corner, and also wooden beams.

Photographer: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard


5. Bannerman House by Bijl Architecture

Bannerman House 9

For contemporary living, Bannerman House has an awesome bedroom decoration idea that focuses on the bed. With the dark green accents from the pillows and the bed cover, this unique heritage home offers a beautiful bedroom interior. In order to complete this decoration, aesthetic art is also added and put on the wall behind the bed.

Photographer: Adam Gibson

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