6 Actionable Tips on Baby Girl Nursery

There are several important factors to consider in creating nurseries: good lighting and ventilation, safe room, and comfort for the little one. However, there is nothing wrong in following the trendiest baby girl nursery tips to create trendy, captivating look. Say goodbye to generic nursery room look, and look at these trendiest nursery ideas from 2017 that will still be popular for the next several years.

More Creative with Flowers

Floral-themed designs for baby girl nurseries were all in rage during 2016. However, for 2017 and beyond, the floral design takes a little extra creativity. For example, instead of taking extreme whimsicality in the design, you can use flower decal or 3D art on some spots on the walls. These decorations can act as focal points in the nursery, pointing at “important areas,” such as reading nook, the crib, or diaper-changing table.

However, when it comes to 3D focal points or decal, make sure you consider possible dust accumulation. Make sure the decoration is easy to clean.

Elegant, Minimalist Nurseries

With the rising trend of efficient design and compact urban houses, there is a huge need for efficient house design. Creating elegant and minimalist nursery room is a good way to give your little girl some space, without reducing the future design possibilities when the little one moves out of it.

The minimalist aspects in modern nursery trend include more neutral colors, less whimsical but more creative wall decoration, and furniture that may be colorful or patterned but can still be used in any room (printed bean bags or elegant supply shelf, for example). You can get creative with decorations that can be removed easily. When the kid finally moves out, you can easily change the nursery into other room without too much spending.

Watercolor Images for Decoration

The watercolor technique, which has been applied to wallpaper, carpet, and house paintings, is great to decorate baby girl nursery. Watercolor creates a soft look no matter what color you pick, creating soothing and relaxing tone in the room. You can apply watercolor decoration in various forms, such as wallpaper, lampshade, crib mattress, blanket, painting, and much more.

There are a lot of colors that look great when they are expressed in watercolor, such as peach, pink, coral, yellow, light blue, and leaf green. Match the color in various parts of the room to create a harmonious look in the nursery.

Animal Theme with Limited Whimsicality

The animal is a common theme in a nursery, but the new trend is creating an animal theme that is not too whimsical. For example, if you want to create a cat-themed nursery, do not fill all the walls with colorful cat wallpapers. Instead, use sparse cat murals or wall stickers on several spots, such as above the crib, near the playing corner, or next to the window. Add several stuffed cat toys in the room, and find some cat-themed baby supplies to decorate the nursery.

If you turn the nursery into toddler’s room, this animal theme can be expanded to educational elements. For example, you may put some pictured books about animals, or educational posters that show parts of the animal body. The animal will make the nursery looks lively, while the minimalistic style will make it easier for you to convert the room’s function later.

Genderless Colors and Themes

The color scheme is important to determine the atmosphere the nursery. Baby girl’s room often has typical “feminine” colors such as pink or peach. However, what if you expect another baby in several years? The genderless color scheme can be a good choice to reduce the hassle of converting your nursery room later.

If you want something that still has a little soft side, you can try colors like a corral, ivory, lime green, or teal, which are great for boys and girls. You can also try similar ornaments for the nursery. Opt for neutral patterns such as ocean life, forest, or patterns like stripes and polka dots.

Food Themes for Nurseries

Foods, especially sweet treats, are often associated with childlike happiness. Food theme with a bit whimsical touch can be a great idea for a nursery. For example, you can use patterns such as ice cream, fruits, milk bottles, or donuts as the main theme for the room. Use wallpaper with such patterns, and add some ornaments such as food-shaped pillows and food-patterned blankets.

Additional Tips for Making Nursery

Already have an idea for your nursery? Do not start yet! Here are additional tips to make the nursery even better:

• Make sanitary station
Sanitary station is a special spot where you can immediately grab supplies for all sanitary purposes, such as a diaper, tissue, eco-friendly cleaning product, and antibacterial wipes.

• Install good windows with blinds
Well-located windows can deliver fresh air and sunlight into the nursery, but the blind helps your baby to sleep better, even during the day. Also, good circulation means reducing various health risks, such as mold exposure and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

• Design nursery for the long term
Good design is made for unexpected (or expected) long term changes. When you create a nursery, consider how the room will change over the years. For example, you may want to replace some furniture, especially if the nursery will be changed into toddler’s room (and maybe changed again for the new baby).

• Baby proof since the beginning
Baby proofing room may take a bit of a long time. Even before the baby comes, make sure to do all the important works in advance. Create safe storage for inedible products, install door stopper, and cover all the electrical outlets.

With these baby girl nursery tips, you will be able to create the best and trendiest room, without neglecting the most important design aspects.

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