Why White Kitchen Interior is Still Great for 2019

The current trend for kitchen design may favor bright colors and daring accents, but white kitchen interior still rules. Some people may consider it boring, but the simplicity of the white, minimalistic kitchen goes perfectly with anything. Homeowners can apply white tones in any designs, from classic to modern and eclectic.

White interior stays relevant in 2019’s kitchen trend design. Here are several reasons why white kitchen will not disappear from design trend lineup soon.

More Freedom in Choosing Design Elements

Kitchen appliances now come in diverse models, shapes, and colors. White interior allows homeowners to experiment with unique colors and models for kitchen appliances. The white interior is also ideal to create unique designs because various elements blend successfully with the white background.

Airy and Spacious

One of the popular reasons people choosing white interior is the airy, spacious look. The white interior is ideal for a small kitchen because it reduces a stifling atmosphere. The spacious look is also important if the kitchen doubles as dining and activity rooms. It creates a cozy atmosphere, especially in areas with a warm climate.

Perfect for Experimenting with Design

Some homeowners love experimenting with designs every few years. The white interior gives more freedom in trying new styles. White background walls and ceiling are great canvases for diverse design options. Homeowners can replace artworks, shelves, tables, chairs, kitchen appliances, and backsplashes as they like. The white background will always accommodate their options.

Ideal for Minimalistic Lifestyle

Many people nowadays are adopting a minimalistic lifestyle, following trends such as Japanese Konmari method and Scandinavian lagom. The white interior is an ideal start to create a minimalistic house. It looks beautiful in its simplicity, perfect for creating a clutter-free kitchen. Since many modern kitchen appliances have clean and sleek designs, they will go well with the white interior.

Timeless and Practical

Homeowners who love timeless designs can rely on the white interior for important rooms in the house, including the kitchen. The white interior is often considered boring, but it never gets out of style. The white interior gives more freedom to homeowners and designers to follow design trends easily (or be free from “trend traps”).

Cheap Option

The white interior is an obvious cheap option for a kitchen design project. Using minimal numbers of colors can save budget in building or renovation project. Homeowners can experiment with textures, furniture, and appliances, instead of trying hard to find the best color. Popular white elements, such as subway tiles or bricks, are available at affordable prices.

Loved by Celebrities

White interior never loses popularity, proven by many celebrities that adopt this option for their homes. Ralph Lauren’s Manhattan house kitchen shows off the sleek, modern white interior with clean lines. Courtney Cox’s Malibu house kitchen combines modern and vintage elements, surrounded by white walls and full-sized cabinets. Alec Baldwin has a modern “farmhouse” kitchen dominated by white, with a perfect setting for family meals.

The white interior is a great option to decorate the kitchen in various ways, depending on the homeowner’s taste. From traditional to modern, white kitchen interior provides the timeless look, but it is still easy to experiment on. Try having this interior for the kitchen to create simple, fresh, and elegant look.

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