Foley Mansion: A New Life of A Historical Gem

Foley Mansion 21

Under the visionary leadership of Carter Averbeck from Omforme Design, the Foley Mansion has transformed from a dormant historical landmark into a vibrant events venue. Originally built in 1889 for lumber magnate Timothy Foley, this Richardsonian-Romanesque gem in St. Cloud, Minnesota, now shines with timeless elegance and meticulous restoration.

Averbeck’s commitment to sustainability and authenticity is evident throughout every detail of Foley Mansion’s transformation. Embracing a circular economy, the team carefully selected furnishings from the secondary market, breathing new life into each piece through traditional customization techniques. The result is a beautifully curated space, reminiscent of a bygone era charm yet perfectly suited for modern-day gatherings.

Collaborating with world-class craftsmen and artisans, Carter Averbeck ensured that every detail of the Foley Mansion’s restoration honored its storied past. From woodworking to stained glass repair, each element was executed with precision and reverence.

Dining Room’s stunning William Morris Strawberry Thief wall coverings and exquisite stained glass windows crafted by John La Farge, mentor to Louis Tiffany, are some of the notable highlights of this project. Beyond its aesthetic revival, the restoration secured tax credits typically reserved for exterior renovations, highlighting its historical significance.

Averbeck’s dedication to preservation and renovation meant that original details were meticulously recreated, preserving the mansion’s rich heritage for future generations. Carter Averbeck’s visionary approach to restoration and design can be seen clearly in this mansion. This historical gem has been transformed into a premier events venue, blending old-world charm with modern functionality seamlessly. This beacon of architectural heritage invites guests to experience the timeless allure of a bygone era, thoughtfully reimagined for the 21st century.

Foley Mansion Gallery

Architect: Carter Averbeck from Omforme Design

Photos Credits: Taylor Hall O’Brien

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