Lighting & Shading Advice for Small Homes

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Across Europe and the U.S, Small Homes are quickly growing in popularity, becoming an affordable and accessible housing solution for many people prices out of the traditional property market, with even tech giants like Amazon capitalising on the tiny house craze, offering prefabricated small homes on their platform. These tiny homes are an attractive option for Millennials and Gen-Z-ers, thanks to their affordability and accessibility, providing the benefits of homeownership without a large mortgage.

However, the tiny home craze has presented some challenges in the décor world, as traditional decorating and décor principles don’t always translate perfectly to tiny homes due to the reduced scale of space.

One area of décor many tiny homeowners are struggling with is lighting, in such small spaces good lighting is essential to make the space feel warm, welcoming and homely. Luckily we have consulted with lighting experts and shading experts from to bring some lighting and shading advice for tiny home owners!

Shading for Tiny Homes

First off, let’s discuss shading for Tiny Homes, before we move onto lighting. Shading windows is typically an easy process in normal sized homes, but in tiny homes it can get a tricky as you need to work with space limitations and rooms which serve multiple functions like bedrooms that double upas living space during the day.

In most spaces within a tiny home, a set of thin metal venetian blinds or a simple double roller blind will do the trick for providing shade effectively. But for spaces that serve as bedrooms and living spaces, you’ll want a more versatile shade like a day & night blind or double roller blind, to ensure that you have the correct shading throughout the day, keeping light out during the night while letting sunlight in during the day.

Lighting for Tiny Homes

Next up, is the challenge of lighting for tiny homes. In standard sized homes, it’s not uncommon to see five different light sources in a single room, with natural light from a window, a ceiling mounted light, as well as lamps in a room – But in a tiny home, you will not always have the space to incorporate a lot of traditional light sources.

Windows and ceiling lights will likely be found in most rooms of a tiny home, so you should be tactical with your additional light sources to create the ideal level of light and ambiance in a room. Rather than standing lamps and wall mounted lamps, you should look for more streamlined lighting options, like LED strip lights, fairy lights or battery operated tealights which will take up a minimal amount of space, while adding light and ambiance to your space.

Shading solutions for tiny homes require a delicate balance of functionality and space optimization. From thin metal venetian blinds to versatile options like day & night blinds, finding the right shading solution ensures privacy and comfort without sacrificing precious space.

Similarly, lighting in tiny homes demands a strategic approach. With limited room for traditional fixtures, alternative lighting options such as LED strip lights and fairy lights become invaluable allies, illuminating spaces while conserving precious square footage.

In essence, the journey of decorating and designing small homes is a testament to creativity and adaptability. By embracing innovative solutions and expert advice, tiny homeowners can transform their compact spaces into havens of comfort and style, proving that size is no barrier to a fulfilling and beautifully lit home.

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