7 Modern Outdoor Furniture Picks We’re Loving Right Now

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Selecting modern outdoor furniture involves considering various factors like space availability, local climate, and design preferences. To create a relaxing and stylish outdoor sanctuary, it’s crucial to choose materials and designs that suit your needs and environment.

For a contemporary aesthetic, consider furniture that combines different materials like metal, wood, and fabric. These materials not only offer durability but also contribute to a visually appealing and versatile outdoor setting. Metal, particularly stainless steel, aluminum, and wrought iron, provides strength and style flexibility. Stainless steel is strong and corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for weight-bearing furniture, though it can be expensive and retain heat​​. Aluminum is popular for its strength, light weight, and weather resistance, but it can also get hot and may be less stable in windy conditions​​. Wrought iron offers durability and a classic look, but requires more maintenance and can be uncomfortable without proper cushioning​​.

Synthetic materials like resin and recycled plastic are increasingly popular due to their lightweight, durability, and ease of maintenance. Synthetic resin wicker is weather-resistant and can mimic natural wicker’s appearance​​, while recycled plastic is strong, eco-friendly, and easy to clean​​.

For outdoor fabrics, opt for materials like acrylic, olefin, and polyester. Acrylic fabrics are strong, weather-resistant, and retain color well, with Sunbrella being a recognized premium brand​​. Olefin is durable, quick-drying, and fade-resistant, offering a more affordable alternative to acrylics​​. Polyester fabrics, often coated with acrylic or vinyl, are strong and flexible but may fade faster than other synthetic textiles​​.

Cushioning is also important for comfort and longevity. Open cell foam is quick-drying and comfortable, but more expensive​​. Closed cell foam repels water and is buoyant, suitable for specific applications​​. PET foam offers support, quick drying, and is eco-friendly​​. Polyurethane foam is affordable but soaks up water and dries slowly​​. Polyester foam is inexpensive and quick-drying but may lose shape over time​​.

When choosing modern outdoor furniture, consider these materials and their properties to find the best fit for your space and style. Remember, the right combination of durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal will enhance your outdoor living experience.

1. Bargour Residence by Condon Scott Architects

Bargour Residence 3

Modern outdoor furniture in Bargour Residence by Condon Scott Architects is perfect for relaxing. This family house chooses a type of outdoor armchair to create a cozy outdoor seating area. With the firepit in the middle, this seating area feels warmer.

Photographer: Simon Larkin

2. Stephenson House by Assembledge+

Stephenson House 11

Stephenson House by Assembledge+ also chooses modern outdoor furniture for its small garden. Outdoor furniture and a firepit are a good combination to create a warm and cozy outdoor seating area. It is a perfect idea for your small space.

Photographer: Jennifer Hughes

3. Clifton 2A by SAOTA

Clifton 2A 7

Clifton 2A by SAOTA also uses modern outdoor furniture to beautify and design its outdoor area. This modern house uses the best outdoor dining furniture to create a sanctuary near its pool. There are also lounge chairs where one can enjoy lying and enjoying the surrounding view.

Photographer: Adam Letch

4. HH47 House by JUMA Architect

HH47 House 63

If you love simplicity, this idea is perfect for you. HH47 House by JUMA Architect uses lawn chairs as modern outdoor furniture for its outdoor area. These pieces of furniture create a simple and also inviting look that attracts one to sit and enjoy the pool view.

Photographer: Annick Vernimmen & Eugeni Pons

5. Peninsula Bay House by Condon Scott Architects

Peninsula Bay House 3

Peninsula Bay House by Condon Scott Architects designs and beautifies its outdoor area with some pieces of modern outdoor furniture. This house uses the furniture to create a cozy outdoor seating area and an outdoor dining area. Completed with an outdoor fireplace, everyone would love to be here and sit comfortably.

Photographer: Simon Larkin Photography

6. Lone Pine by CLB Architects

Lone Pine 22

Modern outdoor furniture in Lone Pine by CLB Architects is used to create a simple outdoor dining area. It is a great idea to have an outdoor dining area that provides you with a cozy place to enjoy the surrounding view. It can be a gathering place as well with your family and friends.

Photographer: Matthew Millman

7. Glenhaven Residence by Abramson Architects

Glenhaven Residence 9

Glenhaven Residence by Abramson Architects uses modern outdoor furniture to create a cozy oasis in its outdoor area. This house adds comfortable sectional sofas for its seating area. There is also a firepit that keeps the atmosphere warm.

Photographer: Jim Bartsch

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