Residence in Livadia: A Blurry Boundary between Interior and Exterior

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PALY architects is an award-winning architect through its awesome residential project called Residence in Livada. Constructed in 2018, this house sits on the steep slope of a rocky area and overlooks the sea in Chania Crete.

Stone masonry in Γ shape embraces an elongated linear volume semi-buried in the ground. It protects the house from the north, defines the main entrance to the west, and also becomes the limit to the rocky hill.

In the North-South direction, a sheltered airy terrace defines and distinguishes the living room area from the bedrooms with visual escapes toward the mountain and the sea. This terrace is fully protected.

The interior and exterior are united by the large sliding glazings of the seating area, creating a large, open, pergola-roofed, living. This living area is consolidated with a sheltered terrace. Parallel to the main rooms, an oblong water element is the limit to the sea, the view, and the steep slope. The pergolas and awnings are made from metal and wood.

The form of the house’s structured surfaces is defined by polished cement, local stone, and exposed concrete. Landscape restoration is a continuation of the mountain that is done during the work of the project.

Residence in Livadia

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Archilovers best project 2019: Top 20
Last round on awards “DOMES 2019”: Best accomplished work
BIGSEE Architecture Festival 2019: Winner (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
BUILD Architecture Awards 2019, Most Innovative Luxury Residence Designers – Greece
Hotel Design Awards 2020: Winner (Best Vila-Best Exterior Space)
Mies Van der Rohe 2021: Participation
CAM-6th Triennale of Architecture in Crete
Architecture awards praise SADAS-PEA 201

Architects: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene
Papaspiliopoulou, Marina Gkolfomitsou, Katerina Argyropoulou, Konstantinos Platyrrachos, Eleftheria Chatzi

Structural engineer: Apostolos Andreadis

Decoration: Manos Kypritidis


Residence in Livadia Gallery

Photographer: George Anastasakis

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