5 Small But Chic Entryway Design Ideas With Stylish Storage

The stylish composition of cosy entryway with grey bench, black consola, hanger and lamp.

Entryway is the first area in your home that your guests will see. That’s why it is crucial to design your entry as well as possible. Whether it is a small or large entryway, there is always an opportunity to impress your guests with a stylish entryway.

A small entryway is special because you can’t just choose any things to design and decorate it. Here are some simple tips to create a great first impression on your guest with your small entryway. First, make sure you add some mount wall hooks to hang outerwear. Next, you can define your entryway by using a rug.

Don’t forget about the furniture and storage. It is recommended to add functional furniture that has storage in it to save more space. You can sit on the bench while taking off your shoes and using the storage under the bench for storing the shoes.

Do you need more inspiration? Take a look closely at our small but chic entryway design ideas with stylish storage to find the best inspiration that fits your taste.

1. Kentfield by Studio VARA

Kentfield 9

The first small but chic entryway design idea with stylish storage comes from Kentfield by Studio VARA. This awesome home has a small entryway designed in a simple way. The owners of the home can sit on the bench, take their shoes off, then put them below the bench.

Photography: Bruce Damonte Photography


2. TO: DAY by NestSpace Design


TO: DAY by NestSpace Design has a small but chic entryway design idea with stylish storage for you who love a soft and neutral look in your home interior. It is a beautifully soft and gentle residence that uses wooden storage and furniture to design its entryway. The patterned tiles on the floor welcome everyone who enters the house.

Photographer: Joey Studio


3. Designing Project for Clermont Street Brownstone Duplex by Barker Freeman Design Office

Designing Project For Clermont Street Brownstone Duplex 12

Barker Freeman Design Office has succeeded design an awesome entryway in Clermont Street Brownstone Duplex. The small but chic entryway design idea with stylish storage is used for this house’s entryway by adding a beautiful pink-topped bench and white storage at the corner of the room. The rug defines this entryway space and welcomes everyone.

Photographer: Francis Dzikowski


4. Sullivan’s Island by Basic Projects

Sullivan's Island 11

This small but chic entryway design idea with stylish storage is perfect for a coastal home. Sullivan’s Island by Basic Projects has a coastal interior design which also can be seen in its entryway. Simple but also beautiful, this entryway is completed with a bench, mount wall hooks, a rug, and also a basket as a stylish storage that is made of friendly-environment material.

Photographer: Olivia Rae James


5. Loft RLO by ME Arquitetura


The small but chic entryway design idea with stylish storage in Loft RLO by ME Arquitetura is very simple. This single-storey residence adds an iron bench with a grey cushion to allow one to sit and put on or take off their shoes. It is a unique-designed bench that has simple storage for shoes at one of the ends.

Photographer: Haruo Mikami

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