5 Common Fireplace Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Fireplace in house

Are you ready to install a fireplace yourself?

Installing a fireplace is doable, but it’s not a task that you should tackle alone. There are a few fireplace installation mistakes that could cost you a huge headache if you don’t get it right.

Before you get started, familiarize yourself with common fireplace installation mistakes that you need to avoid. That way you can get the job done right and enjoy your new fireplace for many years!

1. Not Having the Plan

Whether you like to have oak beams or a modern fireplace surround, failing to lay out the fireplace installation step-by-step can lead to problems down the line. To avoid this mistake, take measurements of the space and sketch out a plan. Write good descriptions of the desired results, and make sure the plan is organized and practical.

Also, take the time to research the materials available and the best way to install them. With a detailed plan, all expectations of the finished product are laid out, and it becomes the guide for the entire installation process.

2. Installing the Wrong Venting System

Another common mistake is installing the wrong system. This can result in some safety concerns as well as poor air quality circulation.

To avoid this, it’s important to do research on your fireplace and ask for professional advice before embarking on any installation project. It might also be helpful to ensure that the venting system you choose is compatible with the model or type of fireplace you have.

3. Not Having the Right Tools

Without the right tools such as a drywall saw and drill, the fireplace installation process can be difficult and time-consuming. The same goes for materials such as a chimney liner to make the installation easier.

To avoid tools and material issues, it is important to plan and identify what tools and materials are needed. Establishing a timeline for the project can help ensure you have the right tools and materials on hand when you need them.

4. Skimping on Professional Repair Services

Professional repair services provide the necessary corrections and can help to prevent future problems. They can check that the size of the fireplace is appropriate for the room, that the venting is correctly installed, and the kindling shelf is correctly placed. Their advice can help to select the best type of fireplaces around, as well as provide a list of necessary hearth accessories.

5. Not Getting a Building Permit

Get a building permit before installation to ensure safety and proper installation. This involves going to the local building department to get the permit and ensure that all building codes and regulations have been followed.

When installing a fireplace, most building permits require structural verification, proper fuel, and ventilation, as well as clearance from combustibles. Failing to obtain a building permit can result in fines, additional costs, and possible removal of the fireplace if it does not meet the required standards.

Fireplace Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

The fireplace installation is a practical and cost-effective way to add ambiance and value to your home. But, fireplace installation mistakes are often made due to improper practices. Try to abide by the safety precautions and take your time to ensure a successful, beautiful installation.

If you need help, seek guidance from an experienced professional.

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