5 Small L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas Perfect For One-Bedroom Apartment

Small kitchen area

An L-shaped kitchen layout is recommended for small kitchens because it can help you to avoid wasting more space and keep the room more functional.

An L-shaped kitchen usually has two open ends, allowing for different exits and entries. This kind of kitchen is tucked into corners, giving you a more free and open area in the middle. It is a free-flowing kitchen that can give you less stress in preparing food as well.

If you live in an apartment, it is also recommended to incorporate an L-shaped kitchen layout into your kitchen. An apartment usually has a small or medium kitchen space and an L-shaped kitchen layout can help you to maximize the use of the kitchen space.

Check out our small L-shaped kitchen ideas perfect for a one-bedroom apartment to get more inspiration to design your own small kitchen.

1. Kamienica Warszawa by Widawscy Studio

Kamienica Warszawa 10

In this classic apartment, the small L-shaped kitchen idea is about giving you an easy and efficient workspace for preparing food. Kamienica Warszawa by Widawscy Studio has appliances and cabinets installed at the corner, leaving an open area in the center for minimal through traffic.



2. Percy Street by Basic Projects

Percy Street 20

The next small L-shaped kitchen idea perfect for a one-bedroom apartment comes from Percy Street by Basic Projects. This beautiful house has a bright white kitchen interior with an L-shaped kitchen layout. Free and open space in the middle can be used to put a wooden table or a small kitchen island.

Photographer: Olivia Rae James


3. Apartment 92 by nparchitect

Apartment 92 3

The small L-shaped kitchen idea in Apartment 92 by nparchitect is perfect for you who want to have a warm and cozy ambiance in your kitchen. This apartment beautified its L-shape kitchen with wooden cabinets. The refrigerator is tucked at the corner to allow the kitchen has a free open space in the middle.

Photography: nparchitect


4. E2211 House by Ravel Architecture

E2211 House 10

Creating a simple and free-clutter look is the small L-shaped kitchen idea that you can see in E2211 House by Ravel Architecture. This awesome house has an L-shaped kitchen with wooden cabinets. The white small tiles on the wall make the interior brighter and more elegant.

Photographer: Chase Daniel


5. Sister’s House by The DHaus Company

Sister's House 2

By using an L-shaped kitchen layout, you can insert a small dining in your kitchen area. Sister’s House by The DHaus Company uses this kitchen layout to design its small kitchen. With the small dining in the kitchen area, the owner can have easy food preparation with minimal traffic.

Photography: The DHaus Company

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