3 Interior Design Ideas That Could Change Your Whole Life

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Home upgrades needn’t always be a major project requiring a lot of work and a huge budget. Sometimes, small changes can bring about a totally new look to any new room or home.

Here we discuss three interior design ideas that could change your whole life.

Change the wall colors

Any home or room should give pleasant vibes and a feel-good factor the moment you step in. So, how best can you achieve this effect with minimal costs? By changing the wall colors. Though this proposition may seem expensive and tedious, in reality, it isn’t!!

Have you heard of the peelable wallpaper? These wallpapers are peel and stick which means that you simply peel off the sheet covering the adhesive layer, after which the wallpaper goes on to the wall.

Simple isn’t it? The benefits don’t stop there! These wallpapers are easy to install. If you feel the wallpaper has gone wrong at any place, simply peel back and re-stick. Problem solved.

What’s more!! These peelable wallpapers are available in a huge range of designs, styles, colors, patterns, themes, and shades. We are particularly in love with this ombre peel and stick wallpaper.

Whether you want to use it on all of your walls, or just make it an accent or focus wall, this wallpaper adds immense charm to any room.

With peel and stick wallpapers, you have huge choices to decorate every room, from your living room to your kitchen to your kids’ rooms.

Always avoid dark colors as they tend to make your room look much smaller than it actually is. Dark colors also absorb more light and make your room dull. So unless you have a huge space and really want to play with colors, avoid dark colors.

Add an element of green

Plants are forever in fashion and remain man’s best friend. The green color of the plants is known to activate specific centers in the brain and improve mood and improve activity, focus, and concentration.

Especially in times of the current pandemic, when most of us are forced to stay at home, the atmosphere may seem bleak and depressing. Adding plants to your home is a sure-shot way to add a touch of brightness and a feel-good factor.

Opt for indoor plants that require minimal watering and maintenance. Remember, plants can be therapeutic. They can change the look and feel of your room with minimal investment.

So, if you are looking to change your home interiors with minimal investments, try adding plants.

Change the accessories

Small changes can make a big difference sometimes. Start with your name and house number plate outside your door. Change the door knocker and door knobs. Find something aesthetically appealing that can add a wow factor the moment your arriving guests see them. Change your switchboards too if you have the budget for it. Choose something quirky to make them a conversation point.

If you have bare walls, add huge murals and paintings. Wall Hangings depicting nature, forests, and sceneries are in trend this season. When you don’t have a budget for wallpapers, finding cheap murals and wall hangings is an excellent way to overhaul the look of your room.

So, as you can see we have listed the three interior design ideas that could change your whole life. These ideas are something we have incorporated in our own homes and loved very much.

We highly recommend starting with peelable wallpaper when you want to overhaul your home on a limited budget. Wallpapers such as the ombre peel and stick wallpaper are an excellent way to add a wow factor and a touch of aesthetic appeal to your home.

So, what are you waiting for?? Incorporate these ideas into your home and see your home transforming from drab to fab!!

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