5 Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas That Looks Really Classic with Lots Of Woods

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There are a lot of the best things about a traditional kitchen. This kitchen can be versatile, flexible, welcoming, and also warm. Characterized by classic elements, a traditional kitchen typically incorporates wood materials.

If you need more inspiration, here are 5 traditional kitchen design ideas that look really classic with lots of wood.

1. Mountain Cottage by Basic Projects

Mountain Cottage 7

If you want to have a traditional kitchen with a simple look, this traditional kitchen design idea is perfect for you. Mountain Cottage by Basic Projects is an English cottage with a simple traditional interior. The kitchen looks pretty with shiplap paneling and a traditional rug.

Image Source: Basic Projects


2. Napoles Apartment by Bloomint Interior Design

Napoles Apartment 5

A traditional kitchen design idea in Napoles Apartment by Bloomint Interior Design is worthed for your apartment. This traditional kitchen looks awesome with a wooden floor and traditional stools. Tosca tiles are used to beautify the backsplash.

Photography: Caroline Savin


3. Traditional Texas Home by Arbib Hughey Design

Traditional Texas Home 3

This traditional kitchen is simple and bright. Traditional Texas Home by Arbib Hughey Design has a traditional kitchen design idea where bright elements are used to beautify the interior. The white kitchen island with a wooden surface is the highlight of this kitchen, complete with traditional kitchen stools.

Photography: Andrew Calo


4. Meadow Beach House by Andrew Franz Architect

Meadow Beach House 10

The traditional kitchen design idea in Meadow Beach House by Andrew Franz Architect is about creating a warm and welcoming feeling by the use of wood as the main material. In this house, the kitchen is dominated by wood elements such as wooden floor, wooden furniture, and wooden kitchen storage.

Photographer: Albert Vecerka-Esto


5. The Grange by Feldman Architecture

The Grange 8

The Grange by Feldman Architecture is a livable home with a warm traditional kitchen. The traditional kitchen design idea in this house is about combining various materials to create a traditional look. Wood, stainless steel, and tiles can be found in this kitchen.

Photography: Matthew Millman

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