Creating an Urban Yard: 6 Professional Decoration Tips to Follow

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The term ‘urban gardening’ can refer to a number of different things, from beekeeping to herb gardens, and even chicken farming. However, the one theme that ties all of these different backyard ideas together is the fact that they are in urban areas.

Just because you live in a large city or town, does not for a second mean that you can’t still have a garden that serves a purpose.

This post will tell you six ideas that you can consider using if you are planning on setting up an urban garden.

Using Grow Lights

If you live in a city or town, then there could be apartment buildings towering over your backyard. If this is the case, then it is very likely that long shadows are cast over your backyard at certain points of the day, preventing you from being able to grow anything. One effective solution for this is to erect a shed or small structure in your garden and put grow lights in it. According to a website that’s knowledgeable about all things urban gardening, the use of grow lights can give you the opportunity to produce all kinds of crops. However, if you plan on building a structure in your backyard to grow crops in, if it’s made from bricks then you might need to get a building permit first. You can install a greenhouse without a building permit, however, so it might be a good idea to build a greenhouse and put grow lights inside of it. You can also use grow lights inside if you live in an apartment.

Goat Farming

A lot of people want to keep goats, for their milk and their meat. However, people tend to think that they can only do this if they live in the countryside, but this is not true. Most cities have no restrictions whatsoever about keeping goats in one’s garden. The only thing that you need to make sure of if you plan on buying some is that you have enough space for them. Goats need a lot of space. If they don’t get it then they will develop behavioral issues.

Raising Chickens

If your yard’s too small for goats, you could raise chickens instead. One of the benefits of raising chickens is that you get an endless supply of free eggs. Considering how expensive food has gotten over the course of the last few months, getting free eggs and even meat can be an effective way of reducing your grocery bills. In order to keep chickens, you need to build an enclosure for them. One thing that is worth noting for both goats and chickens is that you should notify your neighbors before buying them, to see if they have objections. Goats and chickens can be noisy. Notifying your neighbors is the polite thing to do.

Rain Gutter Garden

If the weather’s not especially great where you live, then you could consider setting up a rain gutter garden. Many city dwellers have rain gutter gardens because they allow them to conserve water. A rain gutter garden, as you can probably guess from the name, is a garden that relies on your home’s gutters to feed water to plants. The water that ends up in your gutters keeps your plants alive. Keep your gutters clean, so water can flow freely.

Balcony Transformation

If you live in an apartment and don’t have access to your own garden, then you might still have a balcony. It’s still entirely possible to transform your balcony into an urban garden, though. There are a lot of plants that you can grow on a balcony, from small fruiting trees to herbs, and even vines. If you plan on using your balcony for growing plants, then make sure that you take the time to clean it up, clear away any mess, and ensure that you place plants in the right places. The better the placement, the more sunlight they will get.

Balcony of a house

Communal Garden

If you do not have a balcony and live in an apartment, then you and the building’s other tenants might want to consider setting up a communal garden. Usually, apartment buildings have outdoor spaces for people to use. If yours does, then you could ask the building’s superintendent to give you permission to start a community garden there. Then, you can all grow plants, vegetables, and fruit. If an agency is responsible for managing your building, then you should reach out and ask them directly, which you can do by email.

You don’t have to live in the countryside to grow your own fruit and vegetables. You don’t even need a garden, really. If you want to join the hundreds of thousands of people also taking up urban gardening, then consider the points listed here, and even implement some of them if you can.

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