5 Eclectic Dining Room Designs with Matching Table And Chair

Interior view of residential building with black chair and wooden table, glass walls.

If you love to mix patterns and textures, eclectic design suits you the best. It is an awesome design where old and new meet. You can pair a vintage sofa with a modern coffee table and nobody will notice it. The contrasting look created by those items can make your home interior interesting.

Below are 5 eclectic dining room designs with matching tables and chairs to inspire you to design your own room.

1. Font 6 Apartment by CaSA

Font 6 Apartment 7

Font 6 Apartment by CaSA has an eclectic dining room design that makes its dining room simple. There are two different types of chairs used for this room while a white dining table matches well with the white wall. This dining room is also used as a study room by the owner.

Photographer: Roberto Ruiz


2. Apto Real Park by Mariana Andersen and Mariana Guardani

Apto Real Park 11

An eclectic dining room design in Apto Real Park by Mariana Andersen and Mariana Guardani is perfect for your small dining room. This house uses wooden dining furniture to beautify its eclectic dining room. With black accents, the furniture looks contrast with the colorful kitchen next to the room.

Images: casa14.arq.br


3. Pyrmont Apartment by Arent & Pyke

Pyrmont Apartment 12

Using an eclectic design to beautify your apartment is also a good idea. Pyrmont Apartment by Arent & Pyke is a light-filled apartment with an eclectic dining room. The highlight of this room is its big dining table made of marble and unique dining chairs.

Photographer: Tom Ferguson


4. Clayton St by Mork Ulnes Architects

Clayton St 3

For a simple eclectic dining room design, take a look at Clayton St by Mork Ulnes Architects. This house has an inviting eclectic dining room with a neutral and simple look. The combination of a wooden dining table and white dining chairs can invite everyone to come and enjoy meal together.

Photography: Bruce Damonte


5. Maisonette P155 by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Maisonette P155 11

Maisonette P155 by Ippolito Fleitz Group has an awesome eclectic dining room design with matching tables and chairs which is perfect for an apartment. The wooden dining table matches well with black chairs that have different shapes.

Photographer: Zooey Braun

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