7 Tile Ideas To Create An Illusion Of More Space

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Have a small bathroom that you are looking to make bigger? Luckily for you, the ideas are aplenty. Lack of space, inappropriate lighting, and the wrong fixtures can make changing up a small bathroom space seem like a challenging task. The aesthetic part comes in later but is also an important aspect of the designing space. Here are seven tile ideas that can make any tiny bathroom feel bigger than it actually is.

Ration Pattern

Smaller spaces can seem even more congested and claustrophobic when there’s a lot happening. When you are choosing a pattern, give some breaks so that the monotony is broken. If you are opting for a geometric pattern on the floor, keep a section of the wall tiles plain and then probably assign some area with the same or some other pattern. Ensure there is plenty of space between patterns as too much clutter, even when it comes to patterns, can make the space look much smaller. Look for pattern tiles that fit your sensibilities and accentuate the beauty of the space.

Match The Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiles

Matching the floor and wall tiles is a great way to make your space look bigger. The monotony of the tiles tricks your mind and you can’t really make out where the floor ends and walls start, making the walls seem taller. Matching patterns does not always pay off, but if done right, you can create a breathtaking space.

Extend Bathroom Tile Into Shower Area

Bathrooms are often divided into two sections – wet and dry areas. You can extend installing the bathroom tiles into the shower area to continue the uniformity and make the space seem bigger. The bathroom tile designs that are available currently in the market are plentiful and can make your quest for the right tile a lot easier.

A Trio of Tiles

When done right, maximalism does pay off well too. They make a smaller bathroom seem grander in the scheme of things. Choose a monotone color scheme that will reflect and offer a play into the pattern and textures. You can go for a mix of three patterned tiles in the same bathroom. Different pattern tiles for different spaces can draw the eye to different sections and make the space seem larger.

Minimize Grout Lines

Grout lines give a certain demarcation to the floor tiles. It gives a solid and specific shape to the flooring. By minimising the grout lines, the flooring has a very seamless and uniform look, which makes the space seem like one big area rather than the clutter of grout lines. Minimizing grout lines is one of the most commonly used techniques to create an illusion of more space.

Use Long Format Tiles

Long Format Tiles (LFTs) are a new entrant in the tile market and are nothing but extra-large tiles that have at least one side measuring more than 15 inches. These help in creating an illusion of a bigger bathroom. The same ideology applies here as the grout lines are minimal and this automatically visually expands the space.

Lighten The Grout Colour

If there’s no way you can minimize the grout lines, you can always lighten them. Instead of going for a darker grout colour, you can always choose to go with white or beige ones that draw attention away from the clutter of grout lines.

There are many ways you can make a tiny bathroom look bigger and here are some tried and tested industry tips that will definitely help you with yours. Small changes here and there can have a great impact on the overall look of the space and make it feel a lot bigger than it actually is!

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Isha Tandon has worked within the architecture and interior design industry as a flooring consultant expert – specializing in types of tiles, stones, and terrazzo. She has worked with Orientbell Limited, a leading tile manufacturer in India, as a product development manager in the design team and has recently joined the marketing team as their digital content expert. Her experience comes in handy in understanding the audience as she creates value-driven functional & informational content for the readers. She creates lifestyle pieces that focus on interior design products, trends, and processes. She loves to travel to historic places with rich architecture.

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