5 Reasons Why You Need an Electrical Inspection

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Like many homeowners, you may only think of getting a home inspection when you encounter an electrical problem. Most people only get this kind of inspection when they are selling or buying a house, and they need everything to be in order. Electricians recommend getting an electrical inspection every three to five years. However, situations may arise that require you to have an inspection conducted as soon as possible. In some cases, electrical issues that may be overlooked may end up causing fires and other dangerous accidents.

Buying or Selling a Home

When you are looking to buy a house, the location, price, and layout are some of the things you look at first. After you have found a place that suits your needs, you get a home inspector to come and look at it. Some houses that are put up for sale may have already had a home inspection done. The seller will provide you with the paperwork to prove this. If you are selling, telling your buyers the house was already inspected and you made all the necessary changes is a great way.

In cases where the inspection has not been done, you need to do it before you buy the house. It will help you negotiate the price as you may find some things you will need to repair before moving in. When getting a Home Electrical Inspection, you will be able to determine if you need the electrical systems updated to suit your needs and consider whether you need to look into getting appropriate insurance.

Safety Needs

In order to keep your family safe and reduce the risks associated with having a faulty electrical system, you need to bring in an expert for an inspection. You may also notice a few things in the house that will require you to act fast and bring in an expert. Most of the signs may seem like small things that are out of order; however, in the long run, they can cause a big problem. They include:

  • Dimming of flickering lights – While this may not be hazardous, it points to an overloaded circuit that has faulty wiring.
  • Buzzing sound – This sound can be caused by several reasons, including frayed wiring or loose outlets. Electricity should be quiet; if you hear any sounds, call an electrician as soon as possible. Other times, the sound may sound static.
  • Burning smell – The smell usually smells like plastic burning; if you hear it, your best option would be to call an expert to look at it.
  • Exposed or damaged wiring – When you move into a house, the wiring may be great; however, as time goes the wiring covers may begin to deteriorate, and the wire becomes exposed. Exposed wires are very dangerous as they pose a risk of electric shock, electrocution, or fires.
  • Heated switches – At times, the switches may feel warm or hot whenever you touch them. This is not ideal, and you should get them to check out immediately.

When getting an electrician to come to look at any of the signs above, they may look at the problem and solve it. However, it is important that you get an expert to look at the entire house. This way, if there is a bigger issue, it can be discovered and solved early.

Spike in Energy Costs

If you have been getting your energy bill falls under a certain range and it suddenly spikes, it is a sign to get an electrical inspection. Most of the time, the spikes are unexplainable; you have not gotten a new device or are working on something that uses a lot of energy.

The inspector will check if your unit is efficient, and if it is not, you can have it replaced with one that will use less energy. They can also suggest other measures you can put in place to save on the amount of electricity you use. This way, you will be able to use fewer units and spend less on energy.

Major Home Renovations

When you are doing major home renovations, you need to get an electrical inspection. Electrical panels have a limit on the amount of energy you can draw from them. This means that if you are adding something to the house, like a hot tub, you need to know if your panel can be able to handle it. If it cannot, you will need to get an upgrade.

Following Electrical Standards

Most states, cities, and communities have their guidelines when it comes to electrical inspections, and you need to comply with them, or you will find yourself in trouble. These regulations are put in place to protect community members against accidents that may occur due to electrical problems.

The inspections look to nip the problem in the bud as they may discover something that may seem like a small issue that would have led to a problem not only for you but for other people in the community. Regular inspections will keep the system efficient and prevent malfunctions.

Electrical safety is crucial to you and your loved ones. This is why you should get an expert to look at any problems you may experience or notice. In the end, it will save you from danger. If you are not an electrical expert, do not attempt to solve the problem on your own.

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