These Are the Different Types of Fences for Homes

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Homeowners have different reasons for installing a fence. It could be for security, aesthetics, to keep the dog in the yard — or even all three. A nice, well-maintained fence, can add to the curb appeal of your home and potentially add dollars to the sale price when you want to sell it. 

Of course, for this benefit, you have to choose the right kind of fence. There are several different types of fences you can choose from. The material you choose will have a huge impact on the function and aesthetic of the fence. Let’s look at some common fencing types here.


Wood fencing has long been loved in America and is still one of the most popular fencing options. It is beautiful and solid fences offer privacy. It can be painted or stained in a variety of colors to suit different tastes and match different house styles.

The only downside to wood is that it does require a bit of maintenance to keep it up. It can be prone to pests and may need to be repainted frequently. However, the type of paint or sealant you use can cut down considerably on the work.


There are a few different types of metal fencing. A basic aluminum fence is great for those looking for a low-cost option to keep their dog in. It isn’t particularly strong for a security fence or pretty, but it is virtually maintenance-free and gets the job done.

However, other types of metal fences can offer superior security and elegance. For example, a basic chain-link fence can be a cheap option for a security fence and a gorgeously crafted wrought-iron fence adds character (and security) to a home.


Vinyl fences are fast becoming popular because of the range of fence types and styles that the material offers. It’s on the cheaper end, lightweight, doesn’t require painting or much maintenance at all, and is surprisingly 5 times stronger than wood. Wondering what a vinyl fence looks like? Check out some of the attractive options here at


For those looking to do their part for the environment, composite fences can be a great idea. Composite fences are made of recycled materials, often plastic or resin and wood fibers, and are quite versatile. They can be made to mimic the appearance of stone, wood, or other charming styles.

Strong and attractive, they are great for both security and aesthetics. Though more expensive than vinyl, they are still very affordable and require very little maintenance, keeping costs down over time.


For those whose budget is the priority, PVC is the way to go. This lightweight material is inexpensive and easy to install. It requires very little maintenance and can withstand the rigors of the weather for years.

So Many Types of Fences to Choose From

This is just a quick explanation of the many different types of fences homeowners can choose from. Trust us when we say there is plenty of variety and you can find something to fit your needs and your budget.

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