Why Choosing the Right Fireplace is Vital When Building a New Property


Nothing feels cozier than warming up your home with a fireplace during the long, cold winters. A romantic and cozy atmosphere and pleasant fire sounds will calm your nerves and provide you with the warmth of a special kind. The fireplace will not only increase the comfort you feel but the value as well. These are amazingly convenient since they can be positioned in different places in your house. Normally, fireplaces are built in your living room. However, it is not a rare case for them to be built in the kitchen as well. Fireplaces are great sources of warmth and add the perfect aesthetic touch to your home.

What Is the Right Fireplace for Your Home?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when getting a fireplace.

Homeowners need to determine which one is the right one. Typically, there are several primary choices that will provide you with heat. These include wood, electric, ethanol, gas, and even water vapor fireplaces. Yet, this is not the end of the fireplace options you can get for your home. To that end, according to modernblaze.com, you can choose from see-through fireplaces, fireplaces recessed in-wall, 360 degrees fireplaces, fireplaces with mantels, and some other models powered by the previously mentioned sources. Depending on your place’s aesthetics and size, you should make sure to choose the best type for your home.

Modern and Contemporary Fireplaces

If you have a modern home, then you should make sure that your perfect fireplace matches the atmosphere. Luckily, today, there are numerous contemporary designs that will elevate your space and give it different vibes. Although traditional fireplaces may look amazing due to all the details and craftwork, they will not be a good pick for a minimalistic setup. Something simpler will make a perfect pick for this environment. So, wall-mounted and built-in fireplaces will be a good choice. These look very sleek and elegant and will match your home’s aesthetics to the fullest. Moreover, if you are not a fan of electric fireplaces, then gas and no-exhaust options will be a great alternative.

Traditional Fireplaces

In contrast to the contemporary style of in-wall fireplaces; traditional and period ones will most certainly make a statement regardless of the space they are installed in. If you are already a homeowner of an older construction style, then installing a modern fireplace will be nothing but sacrilege. Luckily, there is a whole world of various fireplaces that will nicely complement the vibes of your home. An open-fire one is probably the most classic pick among them all. For good reason, outset and freestanding gas fireplaces are also among the most popular picks. Details and craftsmanship make these fireplaces look as if they came from middle-aged aristocratic homes.

Fireplace between grey armchairs in modern living room interior

Size Is an Important Aspect

When choosing the perfect fireplace for your home, you need to be extra careful when it comes to this criterion. The size makes it one of the most critical things to think of, and you will probably need to consult a professional before you make your final pick. Depending on the size of your home and the room where the fireplace will be installed, you should make your picks. In this line, two spacious fireplaces will not be a good pick for a small room; it can cause the space to overheat and will not be aesthetically pleasing. Alternatively, a too-small fireplace will not be adequate for a spacious room. So, you need to estimate what the best fireplace size is for your space.

A Whole Palette of Materials

When it comes to materials, fireplaces offer you a wide range of different options. Among the most popular ones is definitely ledge stone. This material will give an unmatched aesthetic to your home. Small stone pieces are laid vertically to resemble small ledges and give you a subtly contemporary feel. Another idea is steel. An entire wall clad in steel for an industrial look that will perfectly match minimalistic homes. Concrete is yet another heavy material to give your home a whole new look. Raw concrete is a top pick if you want your home to give off fresh and industrial-style vibes.


Usually, when we say fireplace, we think of the one being installed in the living room. However, fireplaces are not limited to just this room alone. Fireplaces can be quite a refreshment when installed in the kitchen or even the bedroom. So, when choosing a fireplace design and size, you need to take into account the place where it will be installed as well.

Fireplaces are a rising trend nowadays, and for a good reason. Besides their impeccable aesthetics, warmth, and ability to add up to a cozy atmosphere, fireplaces can improve your life considerably. You will live in a much cozier environment, and you will be empowered to be energy independent and considerably reduce your energy costs.

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