Top 3 Most Common AC Problems That Affect Its Cooling

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When the summer arrives, it brings scorching hot winds and heat. Though you may not control the outside temperature, you can surely control the temperature inside your home to make it more tolerable and comfortable. AC in your home is supposed to regulate the temperature and maintain a pleasant feel indoors. If your AC cannot do that, it may be the time to fix some repair issues.

Many problems indicate an AC repair. The unusual noises, bad odor, high humidity, and poor airflow are some common indicators of a faulty AC that needs immediate repair. If you are wondering “why AC is leaking water” you might need to call an expert to look at it. If you want to prepare your home for summer, keep an eye on these three most common AC problems.

Constantly Running AC

Before you argue that ACs are supposed to run continuously to regulate the inside temperature, know this first. Though ACs are designed to run continuously, they do not run continuously. AC functions in cooling cycles to regulate the cool air without running day and night. They do this to maintain the correct temperature inside your home and save massive energy.

If you observe your running AC and it doesn’t shut down for a while because of its cooling cycle, it might have a maintenance issue. The AC repair professionals can help you identify the problem and fix it. That way, you can enjoy the cool air without worrying about skyrocketing your energy bills.

Leaking Water

AC uses refrigerants to cool down the air and distribute it indoors. During this process, it produces condensation, which turns into water. But this water is not supposed to accumulate inside the AC or leak outside of it. If you are wondering “why AC is leaking water,” it can signal more serious issues. Sometimes the water leaks inside the coolant lines making it difficult to detect. Though it’s okay to see some condensation around the AC, the trickling water must be fixed on time.

The AC repair professionals can check the connections and lines in the AC unit as they tend to degrade over time and leak. They also check whether there are any blockages in the drainage pipe or malfunctioned condensation pumps that often leak the water. Fixing these issues will take care of the leaking water and help you avoid the stains and mold caused by it.

AC Blowing Hot Air

The last thing you want in the scorching heat of summer is your AC blowing hot air. If your AC blows hot air despite being on a lower temperature setting, it might need immediate repair. Various underlying issues can indicate the hot air coming out of your AC.

An obstruction in the ducts caused by dust and debris can make the compressor overheat, which can be the reason behind hot air. The low refrigerant levels can also affect the temperature and cause hot air. The AC repair specialists can examine and fix the problem so your AC starts blowing cool air again.

ACs and home cooling systems are supposed to keep your indoors cold and humidity-free. If you feel your AC is not doing its ideal functions, it might need a quick inspection or thorough repair to restore its cooling capabilities. That way, you don’t have to worry about the summer heat and enjoy your indoor times.

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