10 Reasons Why You Should Never Ask Your Family and Friends to Help You Move

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It’s been a common practice for people to ask for help from family and friends whenever they have to move. This practice needs to stop already. It’s already 2022 and it’s high time that we face the fact that this kind of set-up is no longer healthy. Useful, yes. But efficient? Not really.

This article will enlist ten solid reasons why your family and friends shouldn’t be bothered whenever you move to give you a clear idea as to how the setup is wrong across all levels. Read on and learn.

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Ask Your Family and Friends to Help You Move

Reason #1: You Don’t Want Any Kind of Conflict

You share so much history and personal trauma with family and friends. So much so that being with them on an extremely stressful and hectic day is the perfect recipe for chaos, conflict, and disaster. Working together would mean that there would be expectations from different parties and it will just be massively problematic on your end because since you’re the one asking for help, you can’t demand stuff that you can normally demand if you’d work with professionals. You will have no choice but to accept it and move about resentfully if your family or friends will be late or will break or damage any of your stuff. Such kind of emotional turmoil will lead you to be passive-aggressive and highly sensitive should any confusion and overwhelming instance take place. In such a state, conflict can easily brew. Though it’s very easy for family and friends to get into conflicts and then apologize to each other later, you need to ask yourself —- do you even have time for that?

Reason #2: You Deserve Professionalism

Your family and friends may have experience when it comes to moving but nothing will beat the steady, competent, and well-trained hands of professionals. Professionals won’t be late and will do everything in their power to finish all their tasks in the soonest time possible. You deserve that level of competence and service.

Reason #3: You Deserve to Work with a Team that Knows Accountability

Your family and friends will not and cannot be held accountable should any kind of damage or accident occur. How could you possibly do that when you’re even the one who asked for help, right?! Such is extremely problematic. If you don’t want to be emotionally and financially spent, you should instead look for professional Port Hedland removalists that are fully accountable for all moving tasks and are fully insured. With professionals, you can be sure that all kinds of damage will be duly accounted for.

Reason #4: You Don’t Want Your Family and Friends to Get Injured

Your family and friends are not professional movers. They don’t know a thing or two when it comes to lifting heavy objects and moving safely while handling sensitive items. Such is a perfect recipe for disaster. Moving is stressful in itself and you wouldn’t want to have people all over the place who are clueless about what they’re doing. Clueless people can easily get into accidents. No one wants that to happen. So please, skip on asking for help from family and friends.

Reason #5: You Don’t Want Delays

As your family and friends are highly comfortable and chummy with you, you can expect that there will be no sense of urgency whatsoever when it comes to moving time. This is ideal if you’re in no rush whatsoever and you have all the time in the world, but if you’re after moving speedily and efficiently such an atmosphere simply won’t do. You have a life to live and you wouldn’t want to waste more days than needed when it comes to moving.

Reason #6: You Don’t Want to Work with People with No Experience

You deserve a stress-free and hassle-free moving experience. This is only possible if you’d work with people who have professional experience when it comes to moving. Your family and friends sure have moving experience but it’s very different from the level of experience that professionals have. With professionals, you won’t have to give warnings, reminders, and cautions. They already know what to do and how to do it in the best way possible.

Reason #7: You Deserve an Organized Moving Experience

Moving with family and friends can be fun as it is quite a unique bonding experience. However, you won’t have help at all when it comes to organizing things professionally. You won’t have anyone who can give you a master list of every single box with every single item. You won’t have someone who will make it doubly easier for you to unpack everything once you’re in your new home. To avoid this, just opt to work with professionals.

Reason #8: You Deserve Less Stress

Give yourself a break. Moving is stressful in itself and goodness knows you don’t need any more of it. Working with family and friends will give you more stress because apart from having to worry about everything that needs to be moved, you will also need to tend to all their needs. You will need to ensure that they are well-fed and have cold drinks at all times. You will need to ensure that they’re perfectly fine at all times. You will also need to be aware of their different schedules and availability. Do you even have time for that? To avoid having to deal with such, just work with professionals.

Reason #9: Avoid Abuse

Being family or friends with someone does not give anyone the right to overstep personal boundaries. Some people have a hard time saying no. As you want to be fully sensitive and considerate, it’s best if there would be no need whatsoever for you to put any of your family and friends in a difficult situation. Just simply opt to not ask them and work with professionals.

Reason #10: Love

Lastly, allow love to be your anchor. You know that you’re already having a stressful experience. Are you the kind of person who would choose to share it? Do you want your family and friends to experience stress as well when you can easily hire professionals to help you? Let your love for your family and friends ultimately decide.

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