Top 4 Trends In Smart Home Technology

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Since the inception of the Internet a few decades ago, communication between people has become simple. However, the development of technology has continued to make lives better through the invention of smart gadgets. Smart gadgets are said to be the drivers of modern-day smart homes. A smart home has devices and appliances connected to the web that you can access from anywhere with your smartphone.  

In Sydney, Australia, the number of smart homes is believed to be increasing every day with processes such as the automation of your home’s lighting, air conditioner (AC), and others are being the norm for most houses. 

To ensure that your devices are well installed, you should hire a professional and certified electrician in Sydney. Smart gadgets are expensive and you need to ensure that they’re well protected from uncertainties like a power surge that may hinder their performance or damage them.  

So that you may know how smart home technology is transforming homes, here are leading trends to watch out for: 

1. Smart Lighting 

One way you can have a smart home is by replacing your white LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs with smart lighting. Smart lighting is said to be enormously growing in popularity. 

A smart lighting system can allow you to choose the color you prefer for your lighting depending on the occasion. Additionally, you can connect your smart lights with your mobile application for remote control. Voice commands through a voice assistant speaker are possible too. 

Having a smart lighting system in your house can provide many wonders that’ll aid your lifestyle and make daily living less complicated. 

2. Automated Temperature Controllers 

You can efficiently heat or cool your house, which may help you save on time and money over the years, by using smart temperature controllers. Technology and innovation have created smart thermostats to automatically maintain the temperature of your house at the degrees of your choice. 

Regulating the temperature of a given space through voice commands using a smart listening device is possible. You can instruct your voice assistant to set the AC temperature to a certain degree and it’ll do so. In addition, you can set a timer when your shower can start itself so that when you’ve woken up, you can have a warm bath. 

If you’re from work on a cold day, you can switch on your AC so that you can enjoy a warm and cozy feel when you arrive home. On the other hand, you can turn the AC on to cool the house on a very hot day.  

3. Personal Assistant Robots 

The personal assistant robot is a significant invention when it comes to smart home technology. This technology started with the robot vacuum cleaner that makes your house cleaning easier. However, personal assistant robots can do much more than that to ward off doubts about the current smart home industry landscape

You can issue instructions to a personal assistant robot to help you in other home chores, such as maintaining the pool and mowing the lawn. More intelligent personal assistant robots can do more sophisticated work like making decisions on your behalf depending on your requests such as paying your bills, contacting your personal injury lawyer, and the like.  

Personal assistant robots are of great help to individuals who have physical disabilities and also the elderly. For instance, there are devices that offer assistance to people who have mild cognitive impairments in a bid to make their day-to-day life more enjoyable and fulfilling.  

4. Virtual Home Gym 

Another type of smart home technology that has become a darling for many fitness lovers is virtual home gyms through modern smart exercise devices. This technology provides robotic coaching with realistic physical training through treadmills, biking machines, and stationary rowing people can follow.   

For facial recognition, the device is installed with a gadget to recognize an individual and adapt the machine depending on the user’s preference. Additionally, this machine helps track your general body health concerning muscle mass, body fat, bone composition, heart rate, and blood pressure. 

When you’re shopping for smart workout equipment, you can get one for a full-body workout, indoor cycling, and resistance training, depending on your needs and fitness goals. 


Smart indoor technology is meant to make staying at home and indoors more comfortable along with improving house maintenance. As a result, you can use this amusing technology to perform your house chores effectively and fast, especially with help of personal assistant robots. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’re covered by the virtual home gym technology. Finally, you can comfortably and remotely control the lighting and temperature of your home using the relevant smart home technology.

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