5 Industrial One-Wall Kitchen Designs Perfect for Bachelors

3d rendering industrial style kitchen with black wood dining zone
3d rendering industrial style kitchen with black wood dining zone

The one-wall kitchen is a kitchen layout that places all kitchen things along one wall including appliances, countertops, cabinets, etc. This layout can help create a good workflow which is perfect for bachelor.

We have gathered 5 industrial one-wall kitchen designs perfect for bachelors to inspire you below.

1. Voltaire by SABO

Voltaire 17

This comfortable apartment has an awesome industrial one-wall kitchen design perfect for bachelors. Voltaire by SABO places countertops and cabinets on one wall. The pretty industrial look comes from the grey cabinets and the backsplash wallpaper.

Photographer: Alexandre Delaunay


2. Recall Casa by HAO DESIGN

Recall Casa 15

A stunning industrial one-wall kitchen design perfect for bachelors also can be seen in Recall Casa by HAO DESIGN. This living place is designed with a combination of industrial and vintage styles. The kitchen itself looks awesome in black with the use of tiles for the backsplash.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


3. Bright House by HAO DESIGN

Bright House 16

In this family house, the industrial one-wall kitchen design looks beautiful in white. Bright House by HAO DESIGN beautifies its one-wall kitchen with white cabinets and marble material for its backsplash while the industrial style comes from the concrete wall and ceiling.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


4. Industrial Loft by IDwhite

Industrial Loft 14

If you live in an apartment, this industrial one-wall kitchen design is perfect for you. Industrial Loft by IDwhite is a west village apartment that has a one-wall kitchen layout. This kitchen is beautified in black, complete with black chairs and black industrial lamps.

Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas


5. The Sounding Space by PRUSTA

The Sounding Space 19

The industrial one-wall kitchen design in The Sounding Space by PRUSTA is a combination of industrial, modern, and minimalist styles. The aluminum kitchen set is used to evoke the industrial atmosphere inside the house.

Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas

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