5 Mid Century Living Room Designs for Modern Home

Real photo of a vintage living room interior with a green sofa,

Large shapes, strong textures, and patterns from a mid-century design can make your modern home looks amazing. It is an awesome design that is perfect for your living room to invite family and friends to have a relaxing time together.

Here are 5 mid-century living room designs for a modern home to inspire you.

1. Hamptons Bungalow by Young Projects

Hamptons Bungalow 8

The first mid-century living room design for a modern home is Hamptons Bungalow by Young Projects. It is an awesome house that has a cozy living room complete with a cozy seating area. The blue sofa and yellow rug are the highlights of this room.

Photographer: Costas Picadas


2. 3737 Oakfield Drive by Richard Neutra

3737 Oakfield Drive 5

Designed by Richard Neutra, 3737 Oakfield Drive has an awesome mid-century living room design that is perfect for your modern home. Wood is the main material that is used to design the living room. Black touches are also added to decorate the interior.

Image: theagencyre


3. Bayview by Sweet Sparkman Architects

Bayview 3

A simple mid-century living room design can be found in Bayview by Sweet Sparkman Architects. With amazing bay views, this living room is designed as comfortably as possible with a grey sofa and a warm rug.

Photographer: Ryan Gamma


4. New Canaan Residence by Joel Sanders Architect

New Canaan Residence 3

If you have a large living area, try the mid-century living room design for a modern home in this residence. New Canaan Residence by Joel Sanders Architect offers a comfortable living room designed with comfortable furniture. The expansive windows allow everyone in this room to enjoy the outside views easily.

Photographer: Peter Aaron


5. Phelps Residence by Assembledge+

Phelps Residence 9

Phelps Residence by Assembledge+ has a bright living room with a simple mid-century living room design. With fresh views of the pool outside, a cozy seating area, and a fireplace, this living room becomes the best entertainment area for family and friends.

Photographer: Paul Vu

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