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White Skip: A Small House with Incorporation of A Level-Difference into the Architecture

Located in the midway on a sloping road, Hokkaido, Japan, White Skip is a 2014 project of a small house by Yamauchi Architects and Associates. For this project, the level-difference is incorporated into the architecture. This becomes an effective way to enrich the living environment.

House-K: A Two-Household Home with A Bright and Warm Interior

Designed for a couple with two elementary school kids and their grandmother, House-K sits in a typical residential area in Sapporo-city, Hokkaido prefecture. Completed in 2012 by Yamauchi Architects and Associates, this house offers a bright and warm interior that is dominated by white surfaces.

House in Uenosakuragi: A House with A Bright and Laid-Back Architecture

Sits in an alley just off the tree-lined avenue of cherry blossoms, House in Uenosakuragi is a 2018 project of a private house completed by Ryu Mitarai & Associates Architects. The final result of this project is a house that has a bright and laid-back architecture just like the tree-lined avenue of cherry blossoms.

Stir: A Four-Storey Building Consists of Private Residences and Shops

Located in Tokyo, Japan, Stir is a 2018 project of a four-storey building by Ryu Mitarai & Associates Architects. The building consists of private residences on the second to fourth floors and shops on the first floor. It is a building that is designed to respond to its surrounding environment.

House in Sanda: An Awesome Interior Layout to Enjoy Views of the Landscape

Completed in 2008 by Fujiwara / Muro Architectural Design Office, House in Sanda offers an awesome interior layout so the inhabitants to enjoy views of the surrounding landscape. This house is located in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, with 104.15 square meters in size of its total floor area.