7 Professional Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Property to the Highest Standards

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If you want your commercial property to maintain its value and status it requires a proactive approach to maintenance and improvements being carried out.

It is not just a case of maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the building as repairs and a schedule of updates to the interior and exterior will also help it to retain a good level of efficiency.

Creating a list of useful contractors and resources will help you to maintain your commercial property to a decent standard as you can pick up the phone when you need a commercial plumber or any other trade, and know that any problem will soon be sorted.

Here are some key tips on how to keep your commercial property looking good and performing as it should.


Maintain curb appeal

Visitors will quickly draw an unfavorable conclusion about the state of the inside of your building if the exterior is looking tired and in need of repairs or just needs tidying up.

The bottom line is that the exterior of your commercial building will be viewed as a reflection of the business inside it and that is why the exterior should be a consistent priority when it comes to your schedule of repairs and improvements.

Take a regular look at the state of the entrance doors and windows and check the roof as part of your checks so that you can act quickly if you see any damage that needs repairing before a leak creates a bigger problem inside.


Add value

If you maintain your property to a high standard it should help ensure that its value is maintained and increases over time.

Another way of achieving this aim would be to see if you can find some creative ways to add a few extra square meters.

Always consider whether you might be able to adjust the way space is arranged so that you are able to add a few extra square meters through innovative design solutions. For example, if you are taking up too much of the floor space with storage you might be able to rearrange the layout to add value simply by changing things around.

Adding extra square meters is a no-brainer way to increase the value of your commercial property without spending capital on building plans.


Improve your eco-credentials

There are plenty of positive reasons for finding ways to make your commercial building more environmentally friendly.

Even if you take a cynical view that going green will improve your green credentials and enhance your business reputation as someone who takes their environmental responsibilities seriously, there are some positive wins to be achieved by taking this approach to maintaining your building.

There are some serious savings to be made in terms of running costs when you install energy-efficient windows and beef up your insulation features with things like water-saving plumbing features.


Technology offers plenty of improvement opportunities

It is very easy for your commercial property to be left behind and look seriously outdated in the space of just a few years which can damage its appeal as a good place to work and hold its value down as well.

The expectation is that a modern building should be an intelligent structure that is geared up for providing the best possible tech solutions for the workforce inside it.

Ensuring that the building offers great bandwidth throughout and offering an impressive IT infrastructure is a proven way of maintaining and increasing the value of your building.


Health and safety matters

Health and safety regulations continue to evolve and if you don’t take a proactive approach to ensuring the safety and comfort of everyone inside the building that can soon become a detrimental aspect of the property.

As the owner of the building, you have a legal responsibility to carry out regular health and safety risk assessments in order to confirm that the building’s safety features meet current compliance standards.

Your aim should be to schedule a quarterly check of fire safety procedures and confirm that gas and electrical safety is being adequately maintained.



If there is one thing that can quickly make your commercial building look dated and tired it is when the paintwork is flaking and has lost its appeal.

Tired paintwork can often help to devalue a building and creates the impression that the property is not being looked after properly.

There is no doubt that the overall state of the paintwork, inside and outside the building, can have a significant impact on the impression that visitors and occupants have of the building.

If you implement improvements to the paintwork as part of your periodic maintenance schedule it should prove to be money well spent in terms of helping to maintain the building’s aesthetic appeal and value.


An important maintenance task if you want to protect your building

If your building’s gutterwork is damaged or compromised in any way it can quickly lead to some potential problems that could otherwise be avoided with regular maintenance.

If debris is allowed to accumulate in the gutters around your building it can soon lead to water ingress and damp problems if the issue is not resolved swiftly. Blockages are bad news all round as they can be the catalyst for further damage and you will be shortening the lifespan of the guttering at the same time.

The simple fact of the matter is that gutter clearing and cleaning is a simple low-cost maintenance task that offers a high value return for your efforts by preserving the integrity of the building and keeping it in the best possible shape.

You may need to call in an external maintenance contractor to assist with the task if you need to hire equipment like a cherry picker to do the job, but again, the cost outlay of this regular maintenance task should be viewed as inconsequential in comparison to what you might have to spend to fix damp problems and general water damage.

Taking a professional approach to your property maintenance and carrying out regular repairs and improvements should yield positive returns when it comes to preserving or improving the value of your commercial building.

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