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Damp Proofing Buildings: Is Lime Plaster the Answer?

A damp building will lead to all kinds of problems, from mold growth to structural damage. While modern buildings feature water barriers and damp-proof courses, older buildings relied on the local climate and building techniques suited to wet areas to help regulate moisture, and that just didn’t always work. Thankfully, lime plaster provides a perfect solution for property owners dealing with dreaded dampness.

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Accidents Happen: The 7-Step Process for Replacing a Broken Window

Every home or business needs windows to let in light. Some windows are fixed and do not open and others open and close so fresh air and ventilation can be added to a space. Single pane windows that break can be repaired by replacing the glass pane. Double or triple glazed windows are more complicated to repair. The whole unit might need to be replaced by a window repair expert. There is a 7-step process to repairing single-pane windows and many of the steps apply to double pane windows also.