What Are The Different Types Of Philodendron? Here’s A Complete Guide

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The plant is widely recognized and belongs to the Araceae family and is one genus of the mentioned plant category. The plant itself is the second-largest and most common of the family and when it comes to its natural habitat, from all the other plants, it has by far the most diverse adaptive abilities, growing in a lot of different areas at the same time. The plant is known as the “love tree” as the word itself stems from the Greek word “ Philo” meaning essentially love or affection. The plant is known since the early 17th century as there have been botanists trying to classify it and categorize its many subspecies, and in modern times they are extremely distinctive although often confused with other plants. In the text below, you’ll find out some of the most common types and how to distinguish them each.

The black prince with a golden crown

Known as the Black Gold Philodendron, this type is known for its beautiful colors, as the bright yellow is contrasting the dark, almost black color of the leaves. Like with every Philodendron, it requires humidity and requires a lot of sunlight, just not direct exposure to the sun as it can harm its leaves or burn them at high temperatures. In height, it is perfect as a counter or kitchen table plant and also looks beautiful near the balcony window. The plant itself does not require a lot of maintenance, just tropical conditions, humidity, and heat. In such conditions, it will thrive and in no time you’ll have a flourishing and healthy plant decorating the room.

One important tip is to know the watering schedule and when the plant is in need of some watering. A simple trick might help you out, as you all have to do is simply press your finger against the soil and see if it is moist or not. Keep track of this, and other than that, there is not much to do around the plant except enjoy the view.

The Cupid amongst the plants

This beautiful type of Philodendron has many nicknames due to the unique shape of its leaves, including heart, sweetheart, and cupid. Essentially, what makes this Philodendron so special is the beauty of its heart-like leaves and the way they hang. When it comes to maintenance, it does not differ much from its many relatives, as it also prefers humidity, sun exposure, and a warmer climate. It counts, according to some, as one of the most popular Philodendron types and is a trademark for living rooms due to its height as it can grow up to 1.2 m to 1.8 m making it perfect to fill the corners of the room. The only downside might be the thickness of its leaves and the fragility, when it stands alone it does not project the same mesmerizing look, therefore we encourage you to plant it together with several others in the same pot. A close resemblance exists between it and the distant relative Philodendron Brasil due to the similar shape of the leaves, however, this “lover” is more suitable for bigger spaces due to its size.

The Florida Ghost

This plant has a unique name and look, as the leaves are almost Casper-like and therefore it carries the nickname ghost. The Florida Ghost Philodendron is perfect for offices, small spaces, and tables. Whether you have some spare space on the kitchen dining table or living room coffee table, or you want to make your office look a bit more refreshing and green, this little fellow is perfect. Maintenance is essentially low-key as it requires some watering and sun exposure, and that’s about it. Therefore, it is perfect to keep in closed small spaces, as it also loves humidity.

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The princess

Now, the name says it all, as the colors are mesmerizing and unique on this one. Often referred to as the pink princess or beauty princess, this Philodendron is quirky, distinctive, and stands out from the crowd due to the pink traces on the leaves, and sometimes the specific color takes up the whole leaf making it look extraordinarily astonishing and beautiful.

The maintenance routine is the same as with everyone else, and it does not require some special care, although its name would suggest otherwise.

No matter which one you choose, these plants are more than just decorative elements in the living room, they are beautiful exponents, almost art-like statues with unique shapes and sizes. The best part is their resistance to different climates and conditions, so you won’t have to worry about such details.

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