6 Storage Ideas That’ll Maximize Your Garage Space

Interior of contemporary garage for rehearsals with drum kit and other stuff

While the home renovations are in progress, you’ll probably think of several ways to get rid of all the stuff in your garage. Maybe a garage sale on the weekend, or donating it to charity; but, what if there was a way to preserve everything you have just by reorganizing their order and storing them in a more space-saving manner? To find out more, read the text below and learn 6 storage ideas to maximize your garage space more effectively.

Wall cabinets

One way to save some space and better organize the stuff you have is by simply designing some wooden wall cabinets for the garage. You can put away the unnecessary stuff you know you’ll need at one point, and get a “room” for your spray cans, brushes, tools, and all the medium-sized things laying around.

Another interesting feature when it comes to wall cabinets is the open variant, for placing fishing rods and camping equipment vertically. You can make them easily at home with the tools you have, with wooden panels and some foam pool noodles or plastic/PVC pipes. You can simply nail it to the wall just underneath the cabinets and make sure you have a place to store them properly.

Over the head nets

One part of the garage overlooked and never used is the ceiling. It might sound a little bizarre considering the fact you’ll have to put something away just above your head, yet the ceiling remains a part of the garage never used. One thing you can do is use a safety net and firmly fix it with rods on the ceiling, or place plastic containers in between two vertically placed wooden pillars. These are perfect ways and organization systems for balls, last year’s Christmas decoration, and all the lightweight things you use from time to time, and yet they consume a lot of space. Just make sure not to put anything heavy in the net as you’ll probably park your car in the garage, and you want to prevent any damage done to it, or even to you.

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Plastic containers

Another hack that might come in handy is placing plastic bins vertically on each other to save up space. The plastic containers can easily fit most of the kid’s toys and all the little stuff you would otherwise lose. Placing them vertically can save space and surely protect all things, from any weather or any other damage. You can also place the containers in several rows, or you can try an unconventional solution-placing them in the ceiling in between wooden pillars nailed to it. The containers would come in between the vertically placed wooden pillars and would make a perfect storage space for the things you barely use yet need.

Working bench

One of the most affordable and best solutions for maximizing the space within the garage is making a working bench. Nowadays, you can get working benches with many compartments attached to them, making space for all the tools and things you require. They also come with sinks to properly dispose of the water and waste and with cabinets attached, so you have extra room.

Corner shelves

Like the ceiling, the corners of the garage are unused spaces with a lot of potentials. Mostly, the corners are easily overlooked and people focus more on the walls, without seeing their advantages and the many possibilities. When it comes to the corners, shelves under a 45 angle can make the perfect place for storing spray cans, brushes, and all the bottles you usually require yet throw away due to the lack of space. With corner shelves, you’ll have a little space to put it all away, and also they look great in the living room as well and can serve as a bookshelf.


PVC and plastic pipes have already been mentioned as holders for fishing rods and camping equipment, what we did not mention is their use for storing pipes and cables. It is more than easy, and you can do it yourself with a hammer and a couple of nails, and some tape. Basically, attach the PVC pipes horizontally on the ceiling in a row, and the in-between space will make a perfect storage space for the long copper pipes you do not know where to put. If you don’t mind the cable dangling a little from the ceiling, this may be a lifesaver since you’ll keep the pipes safe and can also use the extra room to keep away from the many meters of cable you have strewn around.

Don’t throw away anything you can still use; by applying some of these suggestions, you’ll be able to keep your garage nice and tidy, and you’ll finally have a place for your automobile.


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