5 Tips for Swimming Pool Construction

Modern villa with pool and deck
Modern villa with pool and deck

If you’re ready to make a major splash this summer, you can’t go wrong with a brand-new swimming pool.

The swimming pool business is a booming industry with an estimated projected growth of 5.3% in 2022.

If you’re planning on doing some swimming pool construction, read on for a list of five tips you need to know.

1. Determine the Size and Shape

Before your swimming pool construction can start, you’ll need to figure out the size and shape of your pool. Whether it’s round, rectangular, or kidney-shaped, a pool designer can help you come up with the best option.

The pool builder will measure your backyard and determine how much room you’ll have for a pool. Depending on how large or small your yard is, the new pool could be small to medium-sized or colossal.

2. You’ll Need Permits for Swimming Pool Construction

In order for work to begin, the swimming pool construction company will need to obtain a building permit. The timeline to get permits approved varies by location and how high the demand is at the time.

Be prepared to wait a few weeks to even a few months before you get the necessary permits. If you’re planning to get a pool before summer, the sooner you start this process, the better.

3. Be Ready for Lots of Dirt

Whether it’s a fiberglass or concrete swimming pool construction job, your builder will need to excavate your backyard. This can take a couple of days or longer, depending on the builder’s backlog.

During the excavation process, your yard will be messy, so get ready for lots of dirt getting tracked inside. Remember that once the process is complete, your yard will be leveled, and most likely, concrete will be added around the pool.

4. Prepare for the Timeline

In most cases, it can take between eight and 12 weeks for the pool construction to be completed. This includes the planning and excavation stage all the way to the final step.

If you’re getting a deck built or adding custom landscaping, tack on another one to four weeks. You can learn more about the builder statistics when you build a swimming pool at www.fairandsquarepools.com.

5. Have a Budget Ready

One of the most important components of this process is the total swimming pool construction cost. Your price will vary based on the type, size, and location of your pool.

Talk to several swimming pool contractors to get a few written estimates. That way, you can do a side-by-side comparison before you commit.

Make a Splash with a New Pool

Keep these swimming pool construction tips in mind, so you can be prepared for the process. Remember that while it takes money, time, and patience, the long wait will be well worth it.

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